Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL helped the Tarrant County Water Board out by returning a lost buoy via a kayak yesterday. Trust me, we care more about that taxpayer piece of expensive property (it has a great light on it) then they do. No one working on a salary that you are paying for checks on those things at Lake Bridgeport, and it had been up on our shore all Winter. (Side note: She used a cable and duct tape.)
  • The sign on that monstrosity says it's a violation of the law to get within so many feet of it. I dare you to prosecute her. That war would be the biggest blog entertainment in years. 
  • I feel confident in saying that if you have a Yeti sticker on your truck that we have absolutely nothing in common. And my friends would crush you in Jeopardy.  I may not, but my friends would.
  • This morning Trump let us know he doesn't like his approval ratings. If you voted for him, you own him. 
  •  Maybe the greatest MLK Day political cartoon ever: 
  • We've got us a modern day Junction Boys
  • The Lady Bears (maybe their best team ever) beat Kansas by 49 points on Sunday. And Baylor was called for traveling with 0.2 left on the clock as both teams were walking off the court. Too many rule enforcers?
  • So the Cowboys are set for the next 10 years with Dak? Ask the Redskins after RG3's first season. The Titans after Vince Young's first. The 49ers after Kaepernick's rookie year.
  • I'm impressed with the private rocket launch of Space X which put ten satellites into orbit.
  • There is nothing weirder than Mrs. LL getting all giddy when she sees a running back or receiver using the spin move. 
  • Anyone else think that salaries for school administrators have gotten so out of hand that it is mind blowing that Decatur pays their's  $199,500?
  • Jason Garrett F Bomb from yesterday.
  • And does anyone think these headlines are a little dramatically written by the Star-Telegram this morning?
  • So we let those under 21 go to the Middle East to fight, get screwed up royally with PTSD, let the VA go to hell in a hand basket, and then don't give a crap about them once they come back. But we aren't going to let an 18 year old in Texas make his own decision as to whether he wishes to smoke? . . .