The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

"It's Inauguration Day, puppy!"

 "You joking, right? Trump be president?"

Life Lesson:  Coming in second is not always a bad thing.
 Trump's First 100 Days Illustrated
 Republicans today.

Republicans double winning today. 


Anonymous said...

The basket can't count...rim interference has never, in the history of basketball, been so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Is Barry pro rock anti powder cocaine? This is an important position for the left.

Anonymous said...

So Dick Morris's parrots don't inhabit the White House again. We're supposed to be sad for that?

Anonymous said...

You'll survive the first hundred days just like the snow boarder did. Poor little snowflake.

Al Catraz said...

trump be president gif is a fairly accurate depiction of the average democrat voter
young, stupid and lazy