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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So the manslaughter trial of the Garland cop who fired 41 shots into a guy's truck ended in a mistrial yesterday after the jury couldn't reach a verdict. 
  • "Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant was found dead in his home Monday, one week after it was announced that he was under investigation, the Stephenville Empire-Tribune reported." It appears to be a suicide.
  • The Austin American Statesman looked at how constitutional county judges can receive a extra $25,000 by signing a one page document representing they are doing extra work. It has a positive reference to Wise County of declining to do so.
  • Finally had the diagnosis of the new washing machine not working: The power runs through a typical switch right above it on wall. It had failed. (The electrician figured out the problem in record time, and I complimented him for this. His dry pan response was: "It's almost as if I know what I'm doing, huh?"
  • Breaking this morning: Police in Berlin say they arrested the wrong man after a truck driver plowed into a Christmas market.
  • So what's on Trump's mind this morning with all the global issues going on?:

  • Two big name college running backs who will be turning pro next year have decided to not participate in their team's bowl game. I've got no problem with that. Coaches leave before bowl games all the time for better opportunities. (Both of those guys have been hurt in the past.)
  • I'll never camped out overnight at a store just to the first to get a product. Then again, I'm not a fan of camping out for enjoyment. 
  • I was surprised by the number of comments defending OU's Joe Mixon. That elite athlete hit a girl so hard that she ended up having to have her jaw wired shut. 
  • Trump's two older male children, along with Dallas' Tom Hicks, Jr., have organized a group to sell a one time "access to the President" for $1 million with the funds going to unnamed "conservation charities." Sheesh. How much will they make off of that? Follow the money. 
  • Anyone else think Home Alone is a horrible movie? The kid's phone lines were down but why didn't his parents just call someone else to go check on him? And a movie primarily for kids sends the message that kids are smart and adults are dumb. 
  • "The New Year’s Eve Bash planned by the Wise County Chamber of Commerce has been canceled." That used to be a big deal.
  • For the first time ever, I'm not publishing a lot of the comments because the are simply dumb. I almost feel like they are whipping everyone's arse and running folks like Rage and Wordkyle off from the comments section. 


Anonymous said...

I used to read the comments daily, and comment frequently. Despite reading your posts every day, I quit reading the comments months ago. They have devolved into a cesspool of idiocy and racism. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you are more carefully curating them now, I may start reading them again.

DLW said...

In Home Alone, the parents, siblings, aunt and uncle and cousins called all the neighbors trying to find someone home to check on Kevin. No one was home.

Anonymous said...

Phil Rudd for President.

Anonymous said...

"For the first time ever, I'm not publishing a lot of the comments because the are simply dumb. I almost feel like they are whipping everyone's arse and running folks like Rage and Wordkyle off from the comments section."

Thank you, and you're correct... at least about the whipping arses part.

Anonymous said...

"For the first time ever, I'm not publishing a lot of the comments because the are simply dumb."

How Ironic

"Trump's two older male children, along with Dallas' Tom Hicks, Jr., have organized a group to sell a one time "access to the President" for $1 million with the funds going to unnamed "conservation charities." Sheesh. How much will they make off of that? Follow the money."

So now you are disturbed by this when it is someone other than the Clintons?

How Hypocritical

Anonymous said...

Well, on Home Alone, the parents DID contact the police, and they concluded (wrongly) there was no problem. Realistic? Probably not. But to enjoy many movies, ya gotta perform a little "suspicion of disbelief" in order to enjoy them, Barry!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What do you tell a woman that has her jaw wired shut? Well....


Anonymous said...

Your blog do as you please but are Rage and Wordkyle the antithesis of the new blog?

What about mzchief and all caps guy are they being censored with the rest of us?

Don't you get the feeling sometimes that the same ole people participate only as anonymous or DF names?

I admit to feeling dumb at times but are you the guy to fix that?

Anonymous said...

Nearly Naked RTG today. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

RTG - hey BG how did you get a picture of my girl on our boat?! Of course, I should clarify my dream girl on my dream boat. Thank you for the image.

DF Super Tramp..."dreamer, ..nothing but a dreamer"

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I actually agree with you on two things today: one is about Home Alone. Meh. The second is about filtering out dumb comments. Good job, BG.

Anonymous said...

So Barry is the "simply dumb" comment a reflection of your Donald Trump envy? Stay with me , so in a twist of fate that little bullet-point seemed Trump like in it's thin skinned selective smarter approach to blog speak.
Have we seen the tide turn towards intellect vs argument and conjecture? Are you saying WK and Rage are smarter or less dumb than the rest?
Will many of your starved to speak the truth patrons resort to their own blog to be heard?
Oh, and at the holidays.. I just don't know how I can live if you sanction my comments because they are dumb to you.....

Anonymous said...

No, you are not publishing the comments that brutalize a bad random thought or that hurt your feelings! Like yesterday, when I zinged you on the silly thought about Texas High school football and targeting. You stated the point so emphatically like you knew it wasn't happening anywhere but Texas! It was a dumb thought and my comment was spot on!

Anonymous said...

And when does the President-Elect start acting presidential and put the Twitter device in the desk drawer? Honest to Gawd, it seems more each day we have elected a 13 year old teenage girl. The drama!

DF James Madison

Anonymous said...

Hard to see how the Garland cop's trial ended in mistrial. Even his fellow cops testified against him, which is a rare occurrence. The facts published in the news portray him as a Tackleberry type LEO. I guess he would have to kill somebody before he would be convicted. Oh wait, he did.

DF Officer Bill Gannon

Andy Stevenson said...

I remove my thinking cap when I go to a movie that is categorized as a comedy except for Christmas Vacation as it was totally factual.

Ernest T said...

I am with you on Home Alone....

I realize it is just my opinion, but I have never understood the love for this movie. The movie is horrible. Culkin is not a good actor in it and the script is bad.

There are lots of great Christmas movies, but this one is not it in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Obama plays it cool on the golf course as a wave of terror spreads across Europe.

Anonymous said...


Isn't this the same shit that little bitch trump bitched about clinton during the campaign? Pay for play? Oh, wait... it's completely fine to 'pay for play' now that it is the little bitch trump.

You all have been conned by a con-man. You're just so full of hate and ignorance to see it and when you finally realize that a silver-spoon fed billionaire doesn't give a SHIT about the middle-class or the poor, it's going to be too god damn late.

And how's this for ironic, the poor and middle-class whites are the ones who got him elected. And let's call it what it really is, hate. Hate because trump knew that was the only way he could win. Because he knew that the poor whites were still enraged with the idea of a black president.

And the DNC completed screwed the up as well. They forced her down our throats knowing how much negativity followed her. Sanders would've won in a landslide had the DNC given him as much support.

Triple Fake... said...

it's "suspension of disbelief". You're suspending your inability to believe something that probably wouldn't happen in real life.

That's your criteria for judging Home Alone as a horrible movie?! Your list of non-horrible movies must be extremely short.
Besides, if a kids' movie had the message that parents are smart and kids are dumb, it probably would have little appeal to kids. He was smarter, and more resourceful, than the adult criminals (who are beyond dumb!). Without that important plot point, there would be no movie.
And the appeal of rom-com chick flix is that they portray women as smart and guys as clueless. Some of them, anyway. And how many of those rely on massive mix-ups and miscommunication to drive a ridiculous plot?

I disagree with your approval of the players skipping bowl games. It's a team sport and they're part of the team. It's selfish of them to abandon their teammates.
Injuries in the past are no guarantee that you'll be injured again. Conversely, no injuries in the past won't guarantee that you'll be injury-free in the future. What if every player intending to play in the NFL decided to sit out, including the ones in the title game?
Coaches leaving voluntarily before the season is over? That's wrong, too.

Anonymous said...

Best RTG ever.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Is it too early to note the Turkish assassin and his apparent "Stayin' Alive" dance moves?! You can tell by the way he uses his time to talk.

Anonymous said...

Not playing in the bowl game is a jerk move. What about those guys on the team who busted their butts all year blocking, etc. for the guy going pro? Maybe they'd like to win a bowl game. Poor character not stick with your team to the end.

Andy Stevenson said...

If your electrician was that smart he would have recommended having your DW on a dedicated circuit. Also he would have determined root cause and corrected the source otherwise your next failure is already brewing.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a Trump supporter and really want him to do well, 9:45 really hit the nail on the head. Mr. Trump, you have a great opportunity to be one of the greatest Presidents ever. Please put Twitter down and start acting like a President!

mzchief said...

"I was surprised by the number of comments defending OU's Joe Mixon. That elite athlete hit a girl so hard that she ended up having to have her jaw wired shut."

Let's hope she learned the valuable life lessons to keep her hands to herself and to ALWAYS make sure she knows who she's facking with or she'll be the one facked-up.

When someone starts crap they shouldn't be surprised if they end up covered in crap. They're not a victim just because they ended up more screwed than the person with whom they were screwing.

As for dumb comments, I rather enjoy seeing them. Makes me appreciate the Internet and knowing it keeps a lot of dumb people off the streets.

/fingers crossed hoping my comment makes the cut...*:)

Anonymous said...

Running "Wordbile/Wordkyle off from the comments section is a good thing. Who doesn't believe in Christmas miracles :)

Anonymous said...

Watchdog: Superintendent shows how school districts crush critics

Anonymous said...

Dumb blog dumb comments. Funny how that works. Only reason I look is for the chicks so you have that goin for ya I guess.

DF Bo Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Right winger

Anonymous said...


What the hell has he done up until now to make you make such a ridiculous statement? Seriously, one of the greatest presidents ever?? Think about that for a second... do you honestly think he will ever amount to anything close to a great president? I just don't understand how he gets a pass on everything from his stiffing contractors to his objectifying of women, and to not releasing his taxes. Had it been anyone else that didn't release their taxes, everyone would be up in arms over it.

What worries me more are these "Christians" that ignore everything he's done and said just so that he can repel Roe vs Wade. Such god damn HYPOCRITES! I refuse to believe in a god that would choose someone of his character.

He will be impeached for corruption and treason before the first term is over. MARK IT!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my feelings are still hurt from the DF Rage gif the other day. I'm just waiting for an apology.

I also think that several of my comments have not made it through Blogger.


Anonymous said...

@ 10:11 -suppositories will help, try them on.
Once again for the challenged - You had an elitist, you had a Radical and you had a socialist that all sucked.
The Radical was the best of the best worst choice.
Again for the handicapped -The current President is half white, which means no matter how many times you play the race card. You only get a 50% score on your paper preppie.
Grow up and accept the unacceptable, we did for eight god damn years and not only did we all survive it, unfortunately so did you.........

Anonymous said...


When are you and Barry going to realize that Trump was a rejection of an incompetent, lying, self serving wretch of a woman. Trump is a douche, but many held their noses and voted for him simply because she is just as bad or worse. The petulant cry baby routine is getting old. It happened. It is over.

HarveyLee said...

RTG: Turn around. please!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:19 yeah, don't know about 10:52 but may I remind you again about the value of suppositories.
You come off with such unfettered hatred that you appear to have much thinner skin than the twitter trump that fills ALL the space in your head.
Try to limit speaking for entire groups of people that you obviously hate in an attempt to sound articulate. Your observations lend themselves to a child having a melt down because Barney is over.

If the Sea Hag can't be charged with treason why the hell would Trump ever be? Are you hoping that they use the same refs that call all the Cowboy games? Sorry, I digress...Barney will be back on soon sweetie, just wait a little bit.

DentonDude said...

Home Alone, as a guide for parenting or how to defeat burglars, is bad.

Home Alone, as a lighthearted family-friendly Christmas comedy, is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I admire how far we have evolved, then I read the comments on this blog and think "well not so much"

Anonymous said...

"You come off with such unfettered hatred that you appear to have much thinner skin than the twitter trump that fills ALL the space in your head."

What did I say that was remotely hateful? I simply offered an opinion of Hillary. Please reread your comment for an example of hatred and thin skin. Time to let it go snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Easy to criticize. oh great wise armchair QB please tell us what you expect him to do about these events? Ban cars in DC? Ban Xmas gatherings? Ban ambassadors? I know, nuke Syria right?

Anonymous said...


So how have the last 8 years negatively affected you or yours? Was it when we were on the door step of financial devastation for the entire country that avoided collapse? Was it when the Affordable Care Act came into fruition to help the millions that couldn't get health insurance? Could ACA have used some adjustments to really help make it better for everyone, yes, of course. Was it Marriage Equality? Oh, wait, it was the unemployment rate at the lowest it has been in years? Is the economy not strong right now?

When you have a Congress that vehemently refused to cooperate with the president, nothing got done. Could POTUS have come closer to the middle, yes. But you can't sit there and tell us the POTUS did nothing for the country.

Anonymous said...

7 Predictions for the First Trump Term (maybe the first year):

1. Putin grabs up either a bigger chunk of Ukraine or one of the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Probably Estonia. They are pretty mouthy & hack him off.
2. City of Dallas takes bankruptcy over pension mess.
3. Somebody makes illicit financial gain in the Trump administration.
4. A hot teacher will be discovered with a 17/18 Senior "friend".
5. A Dallas Cowboy will be arrested for DWI/drug use/stealing crab legs (sorry, Jameis has the corner on that shortcoming).
6. People will occasionally make dumb racist comments on Barry's blog.
7. Britney will get hotter as she ages.

Anonymous said...

1:59 let me see - financial devastation? avoided collapse? More than 18 Trillion deficit, collapse inevitable unless this POTUS can turn around.
Affordable Health Care? Seriously, I don't know anyone on it that can afford it..that is the first thing this POTUS should dismantle.
Marriage Equality?
I have a vast association with both male and female gays - none of them really benefited much by this legislation. I have noticed that now they really want to be celebrated and NOT equal, you decide I don't care.
I've been in the work force many years and never been unemployed, while I sympathize with the legitimately unemployed I have always believed that if you Really want to work you will.

Lastly, yes of course POTUS did something for this country...His Presidency marked the worst racial divide since MLK in this country. This POTUS threw gas on that fire at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

8:48 said

I used to read the comments daily, and comment frequently. Despite reading your posts every day, I quit reading the comments months ago. They have devolved into a cesspool of idiocy and racism. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you are more carefully curating them now, I may start reading them again.

My thoughts exactly. Good move, BG.

Anonymous said...

1:59....Are you Obama's press secretary? If you think this administration was the only administration that could have avoided the collapse, you really aren't paying attention. 9-11 was the major cause of the recession and the country was propped up during that time to prevent collapse. You probably either won't remember or choose not to believe Bush avoided major decisions in the last three months of his presidency. He stated at the time the new president deserves the opportunity to implement his plan of action. That is a level of respect for an incoming president from the opposing party I don't suspect we will see again. Besides, an administration that adds $10 trillion to the national debt hasn't avoided anything, he just kicked the problem down the road a little.

If you are seriously buying the diatribe about the ACA, you may be beyond help. I can only speak to the effect and availability in Texas. Prior to ACA, if a family made $42k or less, insurance for their children, including dental, was between $0 and $15 per month. Do you honestly believe ACA made insurance more attainable for those kids? If you had a pre-existing condition, you went to the Health Pool. If you couldn't afford it, you could apply for subsidies there as well. If it was still too high, Medicaid was available. Even if the insurance for the children was free, dumb ass parents still would not enroll their kids. Unless you are getting a subsidy, you are much worse off than before the ACA. In Texas, if an employer sponsored plan is not available to you, your only option is an HMO. In Wise County, you have an option of five doctors and no hospital in the network. Every rural county in the state is in the same boat as we are.

I honestly do not care who marries whom...none of my business. If someone wants to get married, I am happy they are able to do so.

I don't believe the 4.9% (or whatever they are claiming) any more than I believe 95mm are out of the workforce but the number is somewhere in between. Some say the 95mm out of the workforce equates to 15-20% unemployment so let's use a very realistic figure of 8-10%. Is that unemployment level acceptable?

I was glad we had an obstructionist congress the last couple years. It is probably the only thing keeping us out of bankruptcy.

I will not say the POTUS did nothing for this country but I sincerely believe the bad much outweighed the good.

Anonymous said...

Manufacturing jobs created/lost during every administration going back to World War II, when data was first available:

Republican administrations:
- Eisenhower: 1,204,000 LOST
- Nixon/Ford: 629,000 LOST
- Reagan: 582,000 LOST
- GHW Bush: 1,266,000 LOST
- GW Bush: 4,543,000 LOST

Democratic administrations:
- Truman: 866,000 CREATED
- Kennedy/Johnson: 3,569,000 CREATED
- Carter: 836,000 CREATED
- Clinton: 313,000 CREATED
- Obama: 270,000 LOST

So every Republican administration since 1940 when statistics were collected have presided over a DECREASE in manufacturing jobs by at least TWICE what were lost during the Obama presidency. Every one of them.

And every Democratic administration prior to this one has presided over an INCREASE in manufacturing jobs. Every one of them.

Any bets on what's going to happen to manufacturing employment under the TrumpTator?

Anonymous said...

Since you like to talk about the debt, Reagan set the precedent of a deficit and debt, HW made made it worse, Clinton years were flat, W made it worse again and then handed the worst financial recession since the GD to Obama, who was then policy strangled by a right leaning Congress. We have actually been in a mild recession the past 3 years.

Again, our monetary system has become a Ponzi scheme and the only way to fix it is to stop printing $ and run many years at a huge surplus to pay down our debts + interest. Trump has no plan for making this happen, actually his plan of tax cuts and voodoo economics will enable the opposite environment that is necessary, just as all the former Republicants did before him.


Anonymous said...

After reading through today's comments I really have to wonder how bad were the ones that were cut. Today's really sunk to a new low.

Anonymous said...

I'll give the terrorist an A+ for apparrel. Nice threads.

DF Vincent Vega

Anonymous said...

20 trillion in debt
43 million new food stamp recipients
lowest level of home ownership since WWII
95 million out of work
decrease in median family income.
foreign policy a wreck
far less safety world wide.
rampant executive orders, bordering on monarchy.

Yeah, Obama's a peach.

Anonymous said...

You've "got no problem with that" because you are not on the team, and didn't work your tail off by blocking for a running back all year, busting your tail and getting knocked around for no glory, only to have the guy you've been making look good decide he does not want to help you win a bowl game.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rudd for president.

Anonymous said...


You should really delete your Facebook account. Clearly you are reading and believing every fake news that pops up on your feed. Stop watching Fox News so much. Maybe flip the channel to multiple news outlets so that you can logically digest the news from multiple angles. Fox News is the worst thing that could've happened to reporting actual and factual news. They don't care if it's fact or not as long as it appeals to the 50, 60, & 70 year old (mainly Anglo) demography.

Please, for the love of this country, don't believe everything you see or read. Do some research from multiple resources, not just those that appeal to you.

So sad when shows like "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central are more on point and target everyone than Fox News and others.

Anonymous said...


So, all you can do is voice personal attacks. No debate for you, just cry and denigrate. This is why Obama's legacy will be failure.

You are childish.

Anonymous said...


Personal attack? That's calling the kettle black with the childish comment, no? Maybe the reason you think it's a personal attack is because you know that it's true. All I said was to watch multiple news outlets, not just Fox News or any other that appeals to your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

10:17 slide off your high horse sister, this coming from someone who watches the left slanting liberal news and only calls out fox news for being too conservative for your taste?
Hitlery lost despite EVERY single news station in America attacking Trump for every breath he took. The vast majority of news in this Country is exaggerated propaganda leaning towards whatever partisan politics they support , the vast majority of them are liberally slanted. I would strongly suggest YOU find something other than your narrow band of blunder to occupy your narrow mind.

Anonymous said...


The first thing I read every day is HuffPo. I do it to see how they interpret, or misinterpret, what is happening.

I find it amusing. Just as I find your way of thinking amusing.

You attacked me. I responded by pointing out that you cannot debate the facts, so you personally attack. That is what you did. Deal with it. It is childish. Childlike. It is what children do, when they cannot get their way.