Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So the manslaughter trial of the Garland cop who fired 41 shots into a guy's truck ended in a mistrial yesterday after the jury couldn't reach a verdict. 
  • "Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant was found dead in his home Monday, one week after it was announced that he was under investigation, the Stephenville Empire-Tribune reported." It appears to be a suicide.
  • The Austin American Statesman looked at how constitutional county judges can receive a extra $25,000 by signing a one page document representing they are doing extra work. It has a positive reference to Wise County of declining to do so.
  • Finally had the diagnosis of the new washing machine not working: The power runs through a typical switch right above it on wall. It had failed. (The electrician figured out the problem in record time, and I complimented him for this. His dry pan response was: "It's almost as if I know what I'm doing, huh?"
  • Breaking this morning: Police in Berlin say they arrested the wrong man after a truck driver plowed into a Christmas market.
  • So what's on Trump's mind this morning with all the global issues going on?:

  • Two big name college running backs who will be turning pro next year have decided to not participate in their team's bowl game. I've got no problem with that. Coaches leave before bowl games all the time for better opportunities. (Both of those guys have been hurt in the past.)
  • I'll never camped out overnight at a store just to the first to get a product. Then again, I'm not a fan of camping out for enjoyment. 
  • I was surprised by the number of comments defending OU's Joe Mixon. That elite athlete hit a girl so hard that she ended up having to have her jaw wired shut. 
  • Trump's two older male children, along with Dallas' Tom Hicks, Jr., have organized a group to sell a one time "access to the President" for $1 million with the funds going to unnamed "conservation charities." Sheesh. How much will they make off of that? Follow the money. 
  • Anyone else think Home Alone is a horrible movie? The kid's phone lines were down but why didn't his parents just call someone else to go check on him? And a movie primarily for kids sends the message that kids are smart and adults are dumb. 
  • "The New Year’s Eve Bash planned by the Wise County Chamber of Commerce has been canceled." That used to be a big deal.
  • For the first time ever, I'm not publishing a lot of the comments because the are simply dumb. I almost feel like they are whipping everyone's arse and running folks like Rage and Wordkyle off from the comments section.