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Let's Check In On Today's Youth On A Golf Course

The chubby kid in the Longhorn visor is a stickler for the rules. And he is none too pleased when he sees a PGA violation. If his opponent doesn't acknowledge that he's lying three, there will be consequences.

Kudos to the camera man for recognizing the comedy unfolding in front of him. (Although the damage to the golf bag stand seems to be over the top and overlooked by everyone.)

Language warning: Longhorn kid drops an F bomb there at the end.


Anonymous said...

John Daly has lost some weight and looks good in shorts.

DF Lee Trevino

Anonymous said...

I'll pay for your meal and I'll pay for the umbrella too

Anonymous said...

And yet another example for why you should ALWAYS shoot videos in the horizontal format (well maybe, only 99% of the time). Cellphone videos like this make you feel like you're a horse with blinders on.

Anonymous said...

The FAT BOY needs to worry about calories & not his friends golf score.