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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here. (Assuming Anyone Is Still Here.)

I like these creative kids. Bits are fun. 

Helium + Flame = "Yes! Science!"

America needs to replace the traditional
 dunking booth with this immediately. 
That girl will be a good wife someday.
This girl, on the other hand, is a Wife Wildcard. 
That cat has to be doped up. 


Anonymous said...

and you are a wife expert
how many you had?

Anonymous said...

That cat will kill them in their sleep. Guaranteed.

DF The 22 Pound Cat

Anonymous said...

Uh Yea. Still here till 3:30

Anonymous said...

Wise County + bloggers = lack of basic science knowledge. Helium is non flammable.

Anonymous said...

That's not helium in those balloons, or it's a trick edit, or something because helium will not explode or even all.

Anonymous said...

That's not He. That had to be H!

Local Cooker

Anonymous said...

Helium is not flammable professor Green.

Anonymous said...

I might as well chime in that Helium is inert.

Anonymous said...

In reverse order...

Catnip, a kitties best friend.

So many comments, so few rated PG-13 or cleaner.

Another victim of the invisible hurdle.

Another science project built by the father of an Asian kid.

That would be hydrogen, not helium. As stated, helium, being one of the noble gases, is inert and non-flammable. Google Hindenburg, and that's why they don't use hydrogen in dirigibles(google it) anymore.

Kids, it's all fun and games until someone loses a tooth.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget methane - it will provide the same lift and flammability.

Anonymous said...

I spy intelligence,stupidity, and sum kittie porn😈