Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Yes, I saw the news about the Wise County JP. Hey, even if the allegations are true, does it have to go all the way to an arrest and criminal prosecution? Isn't there some other way that reasonable and decent human beings can handle this without the criminal justice system getting involved? 
  • The final certified vote: Hillary's margin of victory in the popular vote is 2,864,974.
  • And that number was bothering Trump this morning: 
  • Boy, the Harris County DA - Elect is going scorched earth. She's already sent letters to 40 current prosecutors saying they won't be retained, and now she is threatening to prosecute some of them. (She says they have contacted alleged victims in pending cases saying the new administration will dismiss the criminal cases.)
  • Sen. Joe Manchin's solution for West Virginia's opioid epidemic: "We need to declare a war on drugs" Please tell me this isn't the "again" in "Make America Great Again."
  • The offices in the Wise County Courthouse had a Holiday Door Decorating Competition. After talking to some of those who did not win, they won't rule out Russian Hacking of the votes by the judges at the Messenger.
  • Trump's sons will now distance themselves from the seedy "$1 Million To Have Access To The President" event once they figured out what everyone else knew: The whole thing seemed unethical. They've now learned they'll have to be unethical behind the scenes. 
  • Question at the courthouse yesterday: Does Santa wrap your kid's gifts or not? My parents did wrap them but did so very poorly telling me that "Santa was probably in a hurry late last night."
  • It's behind a paywall (Edit: Another version not behind a paywall), but this story out of Oklahoma this morning looks juicy:
  • I don't know Decatur's Parker Hicks but he scored 60 points in a basketball game last night.
  • I'm now confused about the pronunciation of "Gyro" as in the sandwich. When I ordered one at Arby's in Decatur a couple of weeks back, the nice guy at the window confirmed my order by pronouncing it "YEAR-o." So I guessed that was correct. But then I was watching a great Seinfeld episode last night and Elaine pronounced it "JI-ro". Hey, she's was playing a New Yorker. That has to be correct, right?
  • And it was my favorite Seinfeld episode ever involving a guy stalking Elaine after meeting her on the Subway because she was reading his favorite publication -  TV Guide, Jerry dating and Indian woman and a drugstore Indian kept making and appearance, George getting busy in his parents' house, and Kramer coming up with the idea about a coffee table book about coffee tables. All that in one episode.