Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Greg Abbott's pardons yesterday are mind boggling. Such courage. Such bravery. Putting himself on the line for the most wretched of society! How will he ever survive the political blowback??!!
  • Seriously, it makes you think everyone on that list is there not as the result of merit but because of a political favor. Not for them but for someone else. A big donor's maid? Dan Patrick's secretary's nephew? Rick Perry's pharmacist's  daughter? 
  • Shout out to David West at James Wood Motors. He put me in the poor man's Mach 5 cheaply and easily yesterday. (Actual Mach 5 pictured here for you youngsters. Real car only looks like that in my mind.) And shout out to the manager of the sales department who acknowledged being a Liberally Lean reader. ("He's a liberal, but he writes good stuff.") 
  • After getting past Trump using Twitter to talk about nuclear weapons when all previous presidents referred to them very carefully, when's the last time a president advocated increasing them?
  • Dallas won the NFC East last night with an Eagles win. Academy then opened up to sell "NFC East Champions" shirts. Why would you ever want one of those? If that's the best that happens, that's a "good" season followed by failure. You can't equate it to a SEC, Big 12 or Big 10 championship shirt. Heck, there are only four teams in the NFC East. 
  • That Fort Worth cop is done. You can't arrest people because you're pissed. But from the start of that video it looks like he was just having a bad day. I understand that. We've all performed poorly at our job at one time or another because of a bad day. That being said, he should have just separated everyone, talked to all parties, and assured the Angry Momma that he would file a report but that he couldn't make an arrest even if he believed the child had been assaulted. Then go back and make the report. (All that sounds like a beating. And he was probably thinking of that as all of it was unfolding in front of him. And he was also probably thinking, "If that kid hadn't littered, I wouldn't have to go through all this crap.")
  • Mrs. LL found a very, very funny movie named All-Stars about coaching 10 and under girls softball. It is straight out of Best in Show and Spinal Tap -- and there has to be some connection because Fred Willard plays a major role. Trailer here. (I don't know if the thing was even released in theaters. It has an IMDB page which says nothing about the box office and the movie isn't mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia.)
  • Trump is mad that the "cool kids" really don't want to have anything to do with him: 
  • We need to check in on the pulse of Fort Worth and the stock price of Lockheed Martin: 
  • That guy loves exclamation points!
  • The weirdest story of the year might be the guy accused of slashing his wife's and baby's throats in their home near Harmon and 287. He was arrested yesterday on his way to Las Vegas after being stopped in Colorado for driving without a back license plate. (Recall that Timothy McVeigh was arrested after the Oklahoma City bombing because he was stopped for the same violation.)
  • A couple of Arlington officers responded to a stolen Christmas gifts call and found it to be true. They then decided to take the mom/victim to Walmart and paid to help replace the gifts. That truly is a touching gesture. But it is ruined when the PR director of Arlington PD decides to take advantage of it by putting the officers and the victimized family in front of an Arlington PD banner and calling a news conference. Kindness does not need to be exploited. 
  • The Berlin Market Attacker has been killed in Milan, Italy. That's a lot of border crossing going on. They gonna build a wall around every country in Europe? Didn't we work to tear down those that existed over there?