Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Watching OU's Joe Mixon hit that girl on video, which was released on  Friday, was horrific.  The event happened two years ago and the only thing OU did was redshirt him. He's played ever since. That's not a good look for Bob Stoops or the school. And I don't know how this ESPN reporter still has a job after firing this off and then deleting it:
    Meant "greet", by the way.
  • If Zeke Elliott had snapped his leg jumping into the Salvation Army bucket, he would have been roasted instead of being hailed as the King of Post TD Celebrations. (But news this morning is that the NFL won't fine him.)
  • The world's gone crazy . . . 
  • When you renew your driver's license online, it will be sent to you with a notice that you can "become a Texas State Trooper."
  • I'm hearing about lots of people sick in Wise County with sinus/flu like symptoms. 
  • A Fort Worth cop was acquitted last week of sexual assault after being in prison for twenty-one years. He was granted a new trial after the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in May that the alleged victim had lied during her testimony. There is no way the Tarrant County DA's office should have retried him.
  • A both shocking (due to its citations) and brilliant free speech brief was filed last week in the Supreme Court. It begins: 
  • I watched a lot of the high school finals on TV -- broadcast from Cowboy's Stadium. Do they ever call targeting in Texas? I never seen more leading with the crown of the helmet than in those games.
  • Trump proved once again over the weekend that he can't spell. 
  • And continued to act oddly:
  • But this Electoral College "news" that's coming today is truly a big bag of nothing.