Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • After suffering from painful sinuses that kept me down for almost four full days and the weekend, let me praise the greatness of the Z-Pac. I had never taken that before and it worked like a miracle.
  • I think Wise County may have a well fire on the south side of the county in the Boyd-Rhome-Decatur triangle. It's one of those that looks like a giant flame thrower aimed at the sky this morning.
  • Bob Stoops on his woman slugging player Joe Mixon yesterday on what would happen if the incident happened today: "Two and a half years later, dismissal is really the only thing that's possible." Huh? You saw the tape back then. What's different about today?
  • There is a hero out there somewhere: 
  • Anyone know anyone in Bridgeport who will rake leaves, bag them (or put them in a trailer), and haul them off? Residential, but an above average sized job. 
  • This is worth following:
  • "Mississippi police have arrested a man for allegedly throwing a homemade explosive device into a Walmart store on Sunday because he was angry employees there stopped selling Confederate flag paraphernalia." Let's call it what it is: Radical White Southern American Racist Terrorism. 
  • Everyone reported that former OU coach Barry Switzer met with Trump because Switzer told the media he did after coming out of the elevators at Trump Tower. Now Switzer says he was just joking and had only gone up to Starbucks. 
  • [For hardcore Ticket fans only: The funniest thing you'll see all year.]
  • Am I out of the loop on the "Billy on The Street" bit? I keep seeing references to it, watched about a minute of one, was unimpressed, and much of it seemed staged. Or has no one else even heard about it?
  • I've yet to see Love, Actually this Christmas. Still my favorite. (And I just realized one of the three hot chicks the guy runs into in America at the bar near the end of the movie is January Jones -- later of Mad Men.)