Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Mike Pence's plane skidded off the runway. He'll probably get a replacement plane but it won't have the Trump/Pence paint on it. Where does one go to get a custom paint job for a jet?
  • Two odd things about the middle school teacher double murder case: (1) His wife, who was arrested for tampering with evidence yesterday, started a GoFundMe page Wednesday, labeled “Mom needs help raising boys alone." (2) I didn't know after her husband allegedly shot the two guys he also is alleged to have beat the men with the butt of the gun. What a weird case.
  • Everyone was posting their favorite Vines on Twitter yesterday and it was a huge, fun time-waste.
  • DPS has really ramped up its drug interdiction. There was a time in the late 1990s they basically got out of the drug business. However, they've had three unrelated stops over the last two days resulting in finds of 50, 63, and 67 pounds of marijuana. Yep. Marijuana. (None of the stops were in Wise County.) 
  • I had to buy Mrs. LL some Jell-O and learned you really have to look at the package to see what you are buying when it is a gelatin that doesn't have the Jell-O brand. Seriously. Those companies have a hard time coming up with a name.
  • Donald Jr. just happened to help a motorist in traffic. And then he just happened to tweet about it.
  • "Hundreds of American kids suddenly became paralyzed – and doctors don’t know why" a headline in the Star-Telegram.  That's either a sensational headline (if paralysis happens all the time) or a shocking story. 
  • I think I heard a radio ad for Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian this morning wanting us to not import oil from those "countries who hate our flag." That's just a funny way to insert the Colin Kaepernick controversy into that political race. 
  • Funny Second Amendment exchange (early in the week former congressman Joe Walsh said that he would grab his "musket" if Hillary was elected):
  • Hillary would probably prefer the news that the polls are "tightening" instead of the exact opposite. The news helps defeat voter overconfidence.
  • "Bridgeport Parks and Recreation’s Spooktacular Fall Festival is 5:30-8 p.m. Saturday at the Bridgeport Community Center . . . . The Texas Rangers mascot, Rangers Captain, will be there." Serious question: What does it cost to get that mascot there?
  • We have a Bundy acquittal and a big loss for federal prosecutors. (Sounds like they overcharged them.)  And I love the second sub-headline: