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And I feel safe in saying that the Internet Punishment she will receive is punishment enough.


Anonymous said...

Run, Skippy, run. This is right up your alley, with the Hillary sign on it.

Anonymous said... us the pic that matters.

RatherBeSailing said...

When I was there, class of '59, there were only 5500 students and no women. Tuition was about $100 per year. ( Some daughters of faculty were allowed as ' day students' to attend classes.)
Unless you were over twenty one, disabled, or a veteran the Corp of Cadets was mandatory. I think we sent more officers into the Army than West Point at that time.
Tell me about progress.

Anonymous said...

Miranda, Miranda, Miranda! I raised you better than that. Don't behave like a tea-sip.

DF Your Mother

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Anonymous said...

For so many now, it just does not matter who they might kill. They don't care. Thousands of safety impressions over their young lives just don't matter. Between the reckless and the disrespected, there are millions of "Americans" right now that would absolutely rather have a van full of kids be killed than to miss immediately liking a facebook friend's new cat picture. For example, those that pull out in front of people.

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