Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Didn't there used to be "mobile" or "temporary" early voting locations? Didn't we have one in the Walmart parking lot in Decatur once? I always thought it was weird and probably illegal. Where you put that location in some races in some counties could directly impact the election. 
  • If you haven't seen the NBA's Double Bird Guy video, you probably should. I think I'm more entertained by Westbrook's reaction than seeing a middle aged man child. 
  • Saw a long ad on Fox News or CNN for some medical product for Hepatitis C which "may have been lingering in the bodies of Baby Boomers for years." That is praying on fear. And it is directed at the older demographic of America. 
  • I'd tap the brakes on the "polls tightening" in the presidential race.  I'm not sure that Bloomberg group didn't fudge Florida's numbers for Trump just to break from the crowd and get a ton of publicity yesterday  -- which it did. And even if Hillary wins Florida, they can point to their margin of error and still say they were accurate.
  • Selfies aren't banned at the polls in some states, cameras are.  And even that seems to have some constitutional free speech issues. 
  • Trump caught heat yesterday for being in D.C. to open up a new hotel instead of being in a swing state. I don't have any problem with him being there. He was all over TV so that worked. And his bit of "look what I can do in this city of do-nothing" was a smart theme. 
  • There's a trial I haven't followed very closely going on in Collin County which is a who-done-it. It's a circumstantial case where a woman is found dead in her garage and the husband is later arrested.  But this tweet from reporter Valarie Wigglesworth caught my attention yesterday as she covered the trial: "[Detective] spoke to neighbor Stephen Brockway who lives on Newport Dr; Brockway arrested 2 mo later on unrelated murder for hire."  Good grief. That's one heck of a neighborhood.
  • I don't know how to fix CPS in Texas but it seems a lot more complicated than simply paying the current staff more money. I'm sure they might need a pay raise, but that shouldn't impact the performance of the current make up of CPS. 
  • Watching a girl have a panic attack on Survivor was fascinating depending on how much you know about them.
  • The hunt for ZuZu has taken a couple of turns. The police are saying they are "focusing" on Brewster and Presidio counties means they have no idea where she is. Secondly, the Alpine police called the boyfriend and his "family" the dreaded "persons of interest" until yesterday when the boyfriend, who had retained an attorney, suddenly became the "suspect." 
  • Let's look at that situation from a different perspective. The Alpine police have a high profile case on their hands which they can't solve. The police chief feels heat. The last person the girl was with is the boyfriend. So let's name him a "person of interest" to send the message that we are actively working on this case and making progress. (And we all know that term officially doesn't mean suspect.) Plus, the police named his family as "persons of interest", too, to give them wiggle room. Ok, for the sake of discussion, let's assume the boyfriend is innocent. He is now widely known as the focus of police. Let's say he knows of how people can get railroaded in Texas (see Michael Morton) and gets scared and hires a lawyer. The lawyer tells him not to talk to the cops because who in their right mind would? The cops, now with a greater opportunity to take the heat off them, name him a "suspect" pointing out how he has retained a lawyer and call it "not cooperating."  See how the boyfriend's reputation has been ruined? But here's the ultimate question: Why are the police naming anyone a "person of interest" or a "suspect." They know where he is!!! What's the purpose -- other than to take off the heat?
  • Mrs. LL had her Katie Couric Procedure at a facility that was dedicated to that procedure. Five doctors on staff and they were churning out three to four people an hour. All professional, however. We even had a brief doctor's visit and written report before we walked out the door.