Let's Analyse This, Shall We?

Baltimore Sun — A Connecticut man was charged with drug possession Saturday after Maryland State Police say they found 124 pounds of marijuana in his car.

John Paul Demorest, 67, of Waterbury, also faces drug kingpin charges and is being held at a Baltimore County jail on a $1 million bond. No attorney was listed in court records.

Police said that shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday, officers pulled over a Chrysler minivan on northbound Interstate 95 near White Marsh, which was going above the speed limit. The trooper saw "several indicators of criminal activity" and called for a K-9 to inspect the car.

The K-9 alerted officers to the presence of drugs, and police said five loaded trash bags containing suspected marijuana were found in the van. The street value of the marijuana is about $620,000, police said.

So what have we learned?

(1) There actually is a charge in Maryland called "Drug Kingpin"? That's a first. And you know, that's not a bad charge as charges go.  If the government is going to go after someone its only fair they formally call him a "Kingpin". I'd probably get a tattoo of the name later on.
(2) That phrase "several indicators of criminal activity" needs some exploring. They stopped a guy for speeding and then detained him on a drug investigation. That detention is only legal if they developed a reasonable suspicion in order to hold him for the drug dog. If they didn't have it, this guy is going free.
(3) Everyone have confidence in a "drug dog"?
(4) Why in the world are you speeding with 124 pounds of weed in the vehicle? That's enough to get his Kingpin card revoked. And if that's not enough, driving a Chrysler minivan should be.
(5) A million dollar bond? You kidding me? The Fort Worth middle school teacher charged with double murder has a million dollar bond.