Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Former NFL player Dennis Byrd died last week. He was famously paralyzed for a time after an on the field which  at the time, as Sports Illustrated recounted, the first player to speak to him was Bridgeport's own Kyle Clifton. 
  • There was a story making the rounds yesterday of a Whataburger mascot being a girl's Homecoming date. That's a planted, paid ad. Someone check the girl's family tree and see if anyone is associated with Whataburger's PR department. 
  • I didn't realize Boyd was having a beer and wine election.  At this point, why not? 
  • Frisco building four schools but not having the money to open them is beyond bizarre. 
  • Losing my desire to care about professional sports is something I wish never happened. But it finally dawned on me it makes no sense.  I can be entertained by a professional sport, but I no longer care who wins. I think age 35 was my point of transition. 
  • I might be out of pocket this morning as I tend to Mrs. LL who is having, uh, what I will refer to as the "Katie Couric Procedure." There will be no live telecast.
  • There was fake news about voter fraud in Tarrant County yesterday. Get back to me after 11/8 and tell me the Democrats won in Tarrant County via voter fraud. 
  • In this day and time when you can watch any type of entertainment on any type of platform, why is the only place you can watch Tower, the documentary on the UT shooting, is at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for three days in early December? Put it online and I'd buy it. 
  • I just learned this week that I have mispronounced "gyro" all my life. Fortunately, I think I've only said it three times. 
  • Man, Megyn Kelly of Fox News and Newt Gingrich got into it last night. Gingrich told her she was "fascinated by sex" (her expression was great) and she ended the interview telling him he could go work on his anger issues. (Political advice: A man berating a woman and mentioning sex is not exactly what the GOP needed right now.) 
  • Remember Wendy Davis? 
  • The ex-wife of Jared Fogle sued Subway and alleged on Monday that the sandwich chain knew about its former spokesman's interest in minors as early as 2004 but didn’t do anything to stop it. Am I missing something? Why is she suing? I think I missed that class that says an employer is liable to the spouse of an employee for not telling the spouse her husband is a bad guy. 
  • The former producer of Mark Davis' radio show is a Never Trumper as she reiterated last night. 
  • Whatever happened to Kay Bailey Hutchinson?
  • I'm a baseball idiot and looked up last night at the World Series game to see a pitcher for the Cubs with "Wood" on his jersey. My gut reaction was "Is that Kerry Wood?" whom I quickly discovered retired in 2012. Random news: While paddle boarding the next year near Chicago, Wood came upon a dead body the next year.
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