Random Monday Morning Thougts

  • Channel 5 had a story on . . . 
  • Compare and contrast: College football: Oklahoma 66, Texas Tech 59. NFL: Arizona 6, Phoenix 6.
  • Talk show host Mark Davis this morning told his listeners to vote straight ticket Republican. I'm stunned by the straight ticket part. Incredible. But so many people who should know better do it.
  • First overall draft pick Jared Goff has not played a single play. And the guy starting ahead of him is horrible. There was an episode of Hard Knocks which showed Goff working after practice on the end zone fade. Without the a defense, Goff took about 10 attempts before he actually made a completion. He may be just that bad. 
  • Trump this morning: The election and the polls are rigged.

  • I replaced the outdoor wall light fixtures this weekend. You know, that's a pretty good bang for buck investment. Side note: Any of you guys recommend a particular outdoor sealant?
  • I never watch The Walking Dead but based upon the buzz this morning the season premier may have crossed the line last night.
  • "The reward for information on Zuzu Verk's whereabouts or her safe return was raised Friday to $100,000."  Two things: (1) I can't find the actual details on providing information on her "whereabouts". It's got to have some qualifier or someone could just say, "Texas" and hope she is found in Texas. (2) Who in the world would now come forward when the reward reaches $100,000 when they wouldn't do so when it was at $1,000 or lower? You would either do it for free or not at all.
  • Baylor has played an easy schedule, had two bye weeks, is unbeaten and #6 in the Coaches Poll.  Hey, they could lose every remaining game because they may not be any good. But its fun being in this position all the way through October when almost all teams have at least one loss.
  • Amazon has an ad on the front page of the Star-Telegram website where it is seeking employees. I'm not sure I've seen such a high profile "help wanted" ad.