The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The number of elementary students enrolled at Northwest ISD? A shocking 10,136.
  • The 7th Grader In The House is on a week long field trip and was in Austin yesterday where she was introduced to some Texas lawmakers who fielded questions. I told her to ask, "Will you support Donald Trump? Yes or no, and then please explain why. Thank you."
  • Ranger Josh Hamilton is out for the year. The chances of him being missed? None.
  • I was beaten down by The Bachelorette last night starring JoJo from Argyle.
  • I don't necessarily have a problem with Dallas DA taking a leave of absence (again) to treat her mental health issues. I do have a problem if she is collecting her $210,000 annual salary while getting treatment.
  • There was a "medical emergency at The Crowing Rooster, no. 18, in Runaway Bay" this morning. What is that?
  • UT sports reporter Chip Brown reported this morning that Baylor regents will remove Kenneth Starr as the president of the university by the end of the month. If true, the man who started the impeachment process of Bill Clinton for allegations of sexual misconduct will lose his job for not investigating allegations of sexual misconduct. (And I wrote this on March 4th: " I've said it before: President Kenneth Starr should lose his job because he has lost control of that school.")
  • The Senior in the House is graduating. I've never been though this before but I'm beginning to think that Mrs. LL, who never cries, is about to do a whole lot of crying. 
  • The over/under for the Cowboys this year is 9.5. I need to break down hours and hours of game film before I can give you my Sports Genius prediction. I'm leaning to the Under.
  • I had a weird sensation last night as I scanned the Netflix library and scanned basically every channel on cable (I bet I have 20+ movie channels). I have also gained access to a ton of books and a bunch of old Texas Monthly's. It's information overload and I gave up. When your options are limited, it's much easier to find gold. 
  • I heard a political ad this morning for the Texas run-off for a House position by Justin Holland. Man, he hit all the hot buttons: He wants to secure the border, supports the NRA, cut taxes, cut regulations, "uphold traditional marriage", "a strong Christian", supports "stopping abortion", and supports" stopping Obamacare." That's a right wing Conservative Royal Flush right there.