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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I tuned into a Trump speech in New Mexico last night when he went into a rant about Syrian refugees coming to that state. (That's really a problem?) A lady behind him began yelling, with a very angry face, "Go back! Go back!" She was wearing a "Christians for Trump" t-shirt.
  • And there was a heck of a protest after the speech which turned a little violent. Several Mexican flags could be seen amongst the protesters.
  • My office Internet slowed to a crawl but a call to Century Link, the much maligned company, had it fixed in slightly over 24 hours. 
  • I noticed the obituary of Jeremiah Martinez, 35, in the Messenger. That was a familiar name up at the courthouse.  He was a troubled soul. 
  • The Colonial Pro-Am is today and you know who is playing?: Bill Murray. I'd pay more to see that than the actual golf tournament this weekend. 
  • This morning's local news: A huge alligator was captured near a Dallas school. And I do mean huge. Pic.
  • This morning's local news #2. A boat crushed a vehicle on a highway in Kaufman County. Pic
  • Does Baylor not has a PR department? After the report by Chip Brown that Ken Starr would be removed as president, Baylor only issued a cryptic press release saying that Starr "is" the president. Talk about the irony of the phrase, "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."  Did they mean he is currently the president or he is currently, and will remain, president. 
  • There's a Letter to the Editor in the Messenger by Bridgeport's Rusty White this week taking the War on Drugs in Wise County to task. He points out that in the most recent grand jury meeting that almost 50 percent of the 57 indictments were for drug related.  He refers to it as "people ranching" for profit and job security. 
  • "Now, suddenly, to give this kind of power to a criminal prosecutor, who is virtually uncontrollable, is dangerous . . . . " - Justice Stephen Breyer one month ago during oral arguments in McDonnell vs. United States.
  • Someone called the office yesterday wanting to know who to vote for in two run-off races for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. All four names belonged to people who were not incumbents, and I had never heard of any of them. Me! And I follow that court as closely as anyone. (One of them won last night who has the name of Scott Walker. That proves it is nice to have the same name as a very conservative Republican Governor from Wisconsin.)
  • Universities can't afford to pay student athletes? UCLA just signed a $280 million deal with Armor All. Edit: Before I get kicked too hard, that was Under Armor. (I cleaned my car last weekend).