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Texas Rep On His Standard Anti Same Sex Marriage Rant

I'm pretty sure the Supreme Court has settled the issue, but let the man have his say. CSPAN always needs filler.

But you have to love his argument which comes up around the 2:00 mark. If an asteroid were to be headed towards earth and you had to load 40 people into a space craft to launch them in order to "save humanity", how many would be same sex couples?  Whoa. Good argument. But I'd trump him with a counter-proposal of putting one polygamist male with 39 fertile females on the rocket. Heck, make it one polygamist male, one female fertility doctor, and 38 other fertile females. (My Bridgeport math skills are finally paying off.)

Credit for his reference to a 1998 Matt Damon movie. Points subtracted for not doing a mic drop and walking away.