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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There are a lot of people who don't know that the actor who played (and plays) Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, lives in Boyd. Mrs. LL didn't know that until last night and demanded a bullet point because her mother would die to meet him. 
  • The First Cat in the House played with my laptop mouse yesterday and it took me forever to find it. After I threatened to kill it for the millionth time, Mrs. LL said, "It is a mouse, by the way. [Pause] I'll exit on that."
  • The Romney vs. Trump war yesterday was insane. And why exactly did Romney do that? 
  • The Republican debate last night was beyond crazy. I've never seen anything like it. I've been preaching for months that we are watching the implosion of the Republican Party at the national level. I saw that coming and they didn't? And The Establishment cannot stop Trump and it is driving them crazy. 
  • The wife in all of the Vacation movies, Beverly D'Angelo, was on The Ticket yesterday and she was great and funny. And they had to keep hitting the dump button because apparently she doesn't have a filter. She even ranked the Vacation movies. The first one was her favorite. Link.
  • I saw a Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce flyer yesterday for an annual fundraiser called "Barnett Shale Shoot" which is a shotgun competition. It promotes to come and shoot the Barnett Shale. Uh, I think someone has already killed it. 
  • Regarding the Hillary email "scandal" and the guy being "granted immunity". I saw an "expert" on Fox News who said there had to be a federal judge involved because only a judge can "grant immunity".  I'm stunned by the ignorance. Prosecutors offer immunity, not judges.
  • The guy who found the debris from the lost Malaysian 370 might be a fraud. It looks authentic, but I've seen at least two news stories which focused on how the American which found the debris overseas was obsessed with mystery for over a year.
  • Soccer star Brandi Chastain said she would donate her brain for concussion studies. I'd do that. I wrote a few years back about at least four massive concussions I received as a kid (one caused unconsciousness on the couch for two hours and a Bridgeport doctor who lived across the street came over to check me out --- In this day and time, that would get a person Careflighted). And I served as a tackling dummy running back for the defense on the varsity football team as we ran the other team's offense in practice to prepare them for what what to expect on the upcoming Friday night. I got killed. I'd be in the huddle and the coach would hold up the outline of a play we had never seen before which the other team ran. It might be the triple option -- something we had never ran. Then we lined up and ran it. And oftentimes I'd get absolutely obliterated with head to head contact.
  • Maybe that explains everything.
  • The facts are murky, but someone cut off multiple fingers by the Fort Worth Colonial Country Club this morning. 
  • Shout out to Chico Auto Parts for taking care of my car. The guy who runs the car repair division knows me and is a huge Blog fan but the nice guy at the counter at the front who handles the general merchandise had a very confused look on his face when he saw me walk in with my white shirt and tie. It was one of those, "Are you with the FBI?" kind of looks.
  • The ads buried as news shows are now out of control. The national news shows are now getting involved.
  • "Baylor University fraternity president charged with sexual assault" I've said it before: President Kenneth Starr should lose his job because he has lost control of that school. 
  • Trump had an "off the record" discussion with the New York Times and everyone is criticizing him for not authorizing the release? Does no one understand journalism? In the last two months I've gone "off the record" with at least two reporters. I asked them if I had their word before I began, they told me I did,  and then I talked openly. For me or them to publicly disclose what we talked about would be a betray of trust of biblical proportions. Sure, I know they might talk with other journalists about what was said but those people know the value of trust. "Off the record" means it will not be printed or released to the public.