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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cue the music: "Look who's back. Back again."  Yes, your long blog nightmare is over. I'm back. (But, seriously thanks to Mrs. LL for holding down the fort and acknowledging that, "Writing that blog every day is hard!" 
  • Yes, I'm aware of all of the allegations against Baylor. But I'm not sure why ESPN has put Waco in its cross-hairs.
  • Full Idiocracy: Did you see Donald Trump listed the goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge as one of his 10 likely nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court?
  • I watched the Twin Peaks of Waco documentary on CNN. Not a whole lot of new information but it did cement my belief that this will be a cluster before it is all said and done. (Did you know that not a single one of the 170+ defendants has gone to trial and none are accused of murder.)
  • Bryan Cranston in the HBO movie where he stars as LBJ is fantastic. 
  • Mrs. LL told me she had a blow out and it blew off the back rear panel. I thought she was just talking about a little piece of plastic that comes down behind the back tires of the Gangsta Mobile. Nope, it blew off the entire back panel!
  • Fox News poll of a sample of registered Hispanic voters: For Hillary - 62%. For Trump - 23%.
  • That being said, it wouldn't surprise me if Trump won the Presidency. Nothing has made sense up so far and now he gets to run with the cloak of legitimacy: He is the Republican nominee.
  • First Baptist of Dallas pastor, Robert Jeffers, is at it again. He says that Transgender-friendly businesses are a greater threat than ISIS.
  • Thanks for all the cards and letters while I was away. I greatly appreciate it.
  • Mark Cuban says he would consider being the VP for either Trump or Hillary. Huh?
  • The widow of The American Sniper is now doing commercials for a DFW car dealership. Sheesh.
  • The Dallas Morning News is basically going behind a paywall again. If I understand it correctly, you get to read only three articles a month for free.
  • This is not the way you are supposed to play basketball.