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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I wonder if Dave Campbell's Texas Football has already gone to press? If they had Art Briles on the cover, they have to be pulling their hair out.
  • So far, it looks like only Briles is out at Baylor. That leaves a Top 10 team coming back this fall with defensive coach Phil Bennett (now interim coach) and offensive coordinator, Briles' son, still intact. You would know who would be a great head coach who (1) is available now, (2) would bring instead credibility back, and (3) would be the perfect "caretaker" to a machine that is already built?: Mack Brown. Considering the fact he is still not pleased about the way UT treated him in the end, he might just do it. 
  • "Last night moody county south dakota. 21 heifers killed dead after lightning hit the metal bale feeder." Photo.
  • A few weeks back the "Austin City Council passed a number of regulations targeting ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft" which caused the companies to pull out. Why? Aren't any regulations ultimately unenforceable? After all, Uber is nothing more than one private person agreeing to give a ride to another private person. 
  • Did you know that Bill Murray just didn't show up to play in the Colonial Pro Am. He was hired by new sponsor Dean & Deluca.  What a great gig. 
  • President Obama embraced at survivor of Hiroshima in Hiroshima this morning. He later wrote in a guestbook: "Let us now find the courage, together, to spread peace, and pursue a world without nuclear weapons." No nuclear weapons? Is he crazy? Keep reading . . . 
  • "My central arms control objective has been to reduce substantially, and ultimately to eliminate, nuclear weapons and rid the world of the nuclear threat." - Ronald Reagan, March 24, 2016 1984.
  • Chris Berman will leave ESPN after the end of the NFL season. It's like a Christmas present in May!
  • The Gaylord Texas opens up its water park today. Entrance price is literally "get a room". 
  • I missed this headline in the Bridgeport Index: "BISD Will Follow Federal Transgender Guidelines".
  • I posted a link to a story about the Wimberley flooding yesterday. This morning the county is in a flash flood warning. (To the east, over a foot of rain has fallen over the last 24 hours.)
  • Decatur High School's graduation three days after Memorial Day seems late.