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mzchief said...

BU-Bear...EXCELLENT point made for the reason Texans, who hate Trump and Hillary, should vote for Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party. (Honestly, Johnson is the only Libertarian running for POTUS who's not a nutter.)

Trump is going to win Texas, no getting around that sad, sad fact. Sooo, if as most people claim, they hate the Democrat and the Republican establishments the best way to make a serious point is to NOT throw away their vote by voting for Hillary. IF the Libertarian Party can garner 5% of the votes, cast for POTUS, the Libertarian Party will be eligible for FEDERAL CAMPAIGN FUNDS. The Libertarian Party acquiring FCF would go a long way to legitimizing the Libertarian Party. Just think about what a third party with 15+% of voters supporting it would mean to the Democrats and Republicans. Ds and Rs would have to actually court Libertarians and be forced to knock off the duplicitous pandering to their voters. Better yet, people might come around to actually realizing the Libertarian Party is what's best for the country and give up seeking politicians who make promises, they never plan on keeping, to voters they've betrayed for decades.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

We all know that the Democrats are full of bull sh!te and the Republicans are full horse sh!te. Stop taking a big bite out of their sh!te sandwiches and VOTE LIBERTARIAN.