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This May Become A Classic

She plans to mock Lebron as a "cry baby" and he looks at her as she begins. And she carries through with it anyway in the most reluctant mock of all time. Then scoots back on her chair and looks sheepishly down. And the LeBron does a double take and looks like he wants to kill her.

That's funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the video at ESPN. I don't think he was looking at her but you could tell she was hesitant about getting caught.

Anonymous said...

He was not looking at her whatsoever. But, hey...just say what you want whether it's true or not.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't looking at her. He was checking out the guy at the top left and trying to remember the definition of irony.

Anonymous said...

There is so much "Bay Area" going on in this video!!! I really like the woman on the right. That forehead will never move again. The Botox has killed all chance of that. Then the 3 musketeers!! Hysterical. What's the guy doing with the water? Nervous that Lebron my kill him instead of the woman. I love this video!

Anonymous said...

Pro Athletes see that type of thing all the time.

Lebron..... he didn't care even if he did see it.