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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think my ears have ever perked up as much as they did this morning when I heard The Ticket's Norm Hitzges reference "Alvoid" (meaning Wise County's Alvord) as he recalled when he traveled there as a young reporter decades ago. (For those that don't understand it, anyone who is over 45 and grew up in Wise County remembers when the name of the town was pronounced "Alvoid" by everyone. I still don't understand why.)
  • But it got better! He went to Alvord as a reporter because a nudist community had opened up nearby. He went and interviewed folks in town and went and interviewed the nudists as well. He said, "You know, there wasn't really a bit difference between the two. They were both nice and had the same political views. I was really surprised."
  • He said (and I would pay money to see an old video of this) that he ended the news segment by taking off his clothes and standing behind a telephone poll outside the nudist colony with a fence behind him. He then said, "The people on this side of the fence and that side of the fence are pretty much the same." 
  • Changing gears. I'm not sure that the Steve Harvey Miss Universe screw up wasn't a bit. It would be easy to do. Get the results and huddle with the final two girls. Tell them what you are going to do and everyone gets publicity by the "scandal". And if you watch it, it almost looks like some bad acting is going on. 
  • I think the most amazing thing about the "Affluenza Teen" is not that he is on the run but how much his looks have changed in two years. "They grow up so fast."
  • The Flooring Remolding Project got close to getting wrapped up yesterday. The contractor sent two guys who just happened to be Hispanic and not speak English put in carpet. I wasn't there but they fired up loud Tejano music which made Mrs. LL and the Girls in the House move to a different room. I love it.
  • When I walked in the house from work in my suit they looked up startled. I almost wanted to tell them, "I'm not Donald Trump! I'm not Donald Trump!" 
  • They did a fantastic job. I'm fascinated by carpet installers. 
  • And, no, I'm not saying they were "illegal aliens". I have no idea. I do know they were nice guys and cared about the way they did their job. 
  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued his "opinion" that guns should be allowed in college dorms in defiance of the policy of the University of Texas. I can't get past a guy who is under indictment, has been on the job for a short period of time,  and doesn't seem very smart issuing a "legal opinion." 
  • The DA in Sandra Bland's case (Waller County) said there will be no indictments against jail employees.  Oddly, the DA in that small county said the Grand Jury reached "no decision" regarding the actions of the trooper, and that the grand jury would return in January to consider the issue. (I hope he's smart enough to know that the Grand Jury's term ends at the end of the year and that there needs to be an entry "on the minutes of the court" - no one knows what that means these days -  by the district judge granting them permission to reconvene.)
  • Fox 4 "Hey, Nows"