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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Christmas Eve and you still get Random Thoughts. I remain The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. (And I continue with my double Random Thought Girls as a Christmas present.)
  • There's a house not far from ours which has synchronzed lights with music (not just one song, but about 10 on a loop -- including that Charlie Brown song). It is fantastic.
  • The Family Unit went to see it last night and we sat across the street on the curb with other people who were doing the same thing. It was great. And I'm sentimental enough to remind my self, "Remember moments like this" when they are happening. Edit: Shout out to the guy who sent in a comment that my neighborhood needed to, essentially, get the name of particular (unprintable) song. It was signed as "Double Fake Prince." I'm still laughing. 
  • And a shout out to Billie in the District Clerk's office for winning the "cookie contest". (When did that start?) She may be one of the sweetest people alive. I still remember when I announced I was leaving the DA's office that she stopped me in the hallway. She had read the Messenger article and said, "Barry, parts of that article made me cry."
  • Texas has gone to mandatory electronic filing of civil documents. And you have to use one of "selected" services to do it. In concept, it is a good idea. But I had to file a two page civil Original Answer the other day in a civil forfeiture suit. However, where before I use to have my assistant walk over to the courthouse less than 100 yards away and file it for free now costs over $5 in a mysterious "electronic filing fee." I'm still trying to figure out where the money is going. 
  • The other day I went on a rant about a civil forfeiture case in Wise County. Yesterday I saw a headline that I thought meant the federal government was going to suspend its forfeiture policy altogther. I was wrong. The actual story was "The Justice Department has suspended $1.2 billion in payments of asset forfeiture revenues to police departments across the country, citing budget constraints." They aren't suspending it at all. The federal government is just going to keep all the money
  • I proposed to someone the other day that if they helped me with something I would actually sell out and run an ad buried in the middle of Random Thoughts. Think "Your ad here". 
  • I've praised the book "Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History" to no end. I praise it, in part,  because it is fantastic and references Parker County and Wise County because of the extent of the Comanche Empire back in the day. (And when I say "back in the day"  it wasn't that long ago when you think about it.) Any way, I looked down the other day and saw an issue of the Fort Worth Weekly and saw the headline of "The Way We Were - A once-lost silent film tied to Cynthia Ann Parker's legacy is a bittersweet gem." I'm in. 
  • I watched a DVD the other day in a DWI case where the officer was wearing a body cam. For the first time ever, in my 23 years doing criminal law in Wise County, I got to see a guy blow into the Intoxilyzer 5000 at the Wise County Jail  and what actually goes on. (There is no camera in there.) This is a game changer. Both ways.
  • We have a hood rat cat in the neighborhood. He slowly walked past me the other day with a baby bird in its mouth from one of my trees and just stared at me. 
  • I want to see Concussion, The Big Short, The Hateful Eight and maybe even Star Wars.
  • There actually are two old school concerts coming to Dallas next year that I would consider going to. The Cure and Todd Rundgren.
  • Mrs. LL  told me yesterday that Matthew McConaughey needed to be considered as one of the greatest actors of our generation. That's going too far but, when you think about it, he might be in the top ten. His performance as the DA in Bernie is fantastic. 
  • Ticket Fans: In the very early morning hours yesterday Norm Hitzges said he was in a "contract year" and took a shot at Cumulus. He just threw it in while he was talking about who would be on the Cowboys' team next year because all of the contracts that are ending and who would become free agents.  


Anonymous said...

Baby birds hatching in late December?

Anonymous said...

Seems like they are prepping Donovan to take over Norm's spot anyhow. I like Donovan... Norm is difficult to listen to.

John said...

the second girl is a butta face!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your neighborhood could use some Pussy Control!!!

DF Prince

janneba said...

Loved that article about Quannah Parker when you mentioned it back in the day I ordered all the books that were about Cynthia Parker, Quannah Parker and some of the Commanche maybe 6-7 in all they were so interesting some I had to set down for a while because they were so gory. She led a very sad life but one she wanted, good reading.

Anonymous said...

First time I've ever commented on a Random Thoughts pic: that second girl is SEXY!!!! Yummy butter!

Hood Rat Cat said...

I got dibs on the family on the family pupster!

Howard Roark said...

I love that my little contribution to this online community, dropping off the Empire of the Summer Moon book, many moons ago gets an occasional reference. I have another book on Red Cloud, possibly even more punishing on the whites he came into contact with then Quanah Parker was, definitely more tactical in his military attacks and approach, but I am rarely in Decatur anymore and that book doesn't have the same regional Texas tie-in that I thought you might enjoy in the 'Empire' book.

Happy Holidays Liberal Leaners...

Anonymous said...

Add the revenant to your list. Great book. Think Lewis & Clark time period.

I saw Todd Rundgren at gruene hall. Great show. Dude can please the chicks and rock. Also a chance liv Tyler will make an appearance.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Barry Christmas, movie house! Barry Christmas, Emporium! Barry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan! Barry Christmas, everybody! Barry Christmas, Wise County lifers! Barry Christmas, Liberally Lean! Barry Christmas, Dennis Prager! Barry Christmas, Mark Davis! Barry Christmas, Wendy Davis! Barry Christmas, Cullen Davis! Barry Christmas, zombie Leroy Burch!

RPM said...

Put me squarely on Team Norm. I've been a fan of his going back to his Channel 4 days. Most of your sports announcers are "talent", very few are actually sports intelligent. Norm is one of them that knows what he's talking about and not just rattling off hot sports opinions. But look for everybody at The Ticket to get a huge pay cut, including Norm.

Triple Fake... said...

saying "remember moments like this" is goofy, but not unexpected to the regular customers here. It would make more sense to say "remember THIS moment", but that's just as goofy. If the moment is truly memorable, you shouldn't need to make a mental note to remind yourself to remember it.

I read the story today in the S-T about the federal forfeiture program. The way it was written made me think they were suspending the program, but you are correct in that they are only suspending the allocation of payments back to state and local agencies due to spending cuts. But the upshot is this: if the local agencies don't get a cut of the seizures, they will simply reduce the number of seizures at the federal level.

McConaughey was good in Bernie, but I have a big problem with him, and Jack Black, and the director of that film, Richard Linklater. They are planning a huge fundraiser for Bernie himself to get a new trial. Now, there's no question he murdered that woman, but they contend that he is a victim because he was allegedly abused as a child. But he wasn't abused by her! He hung around because she had lots of money, and perhaps he's a bit of a masochist, but that's not her fault. Maybe she really was a bitter, mean old bitch who mistreated everybody, but he wasn't forced to spend time with her. He shot her in the back and then stuffed her into a freezer. That doesn't deserve celebrity treatment

I hope you all have a safe and "memorable" Christmas
Triple Fake

Anonymous said...

RTG: Yowza!

Anonymous said...

If you're gay and can sing, shooting old ladies in the head is no big deal I guess!

Anonymous said...

Read the big short book first

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Quannah Parker article. I'm going to watch The Daughter of Dawn today on Netflix...great history.

Anonymous said...

If you do any amount of civil work, you'll get to love e-filing. And it'll come for criminal cases. Google "e-file for Texas" and use the first one that comes up. An answer is only $2.00 to file. And you can serve electronically as well, so if you have people try to say they don't get your mail or faxes, there is no way around it. It'll show the moment it was received by the other side. It's great, fast, and it's cheaper than filing in person even if you're across the street.

Watch Dallas Buyer's Club. He's close to the top, maybe one of the top two.

The federal forfeiture policy will have the same effect as if the practice was altogether banned. You think a schmuck cop or DA is going to take something if they don't get a cut? Hell no they won't.