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Legendary Lawyer/UT Football Supporter Has Died

He's off camera in this crazy clip when he conducted a deposition:

A Texas Monthly profile of him is a "great read" if you get bored over the holidays.

When I went to a UT/Baylor game last year I asked a security guard whose statute[*] was by Darrell Royal's. (The stadium wasn't open yet and I could only see the two statues from a distance through a gate.) He told me is was Joe Jamail and began to explain who he was. I interrupted him because he didn't need to waste his time explaining to me who he was.

The fact that his statue is right by Royal's is something I do not understand.
*Edit: I made that spelling error in this original post, and I won't correct it for comedy's sake. There's something poetic about the error considering the substance of this post.