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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's the holiday season so I'm giving presents this week. Not one but two Random Thought Girls.
  • In an incredible screw up, host Steve Harvey announced the winner of Ms. Universe and got it wrong and had to fix it within minutes. Ms.Columbia thought she had won and then they took the crown away from her. Uh, if you get it wrong, I wouldn't get it wrong with someone from Columbia
  • Every time I think my life can't get any weirder it does. Yesterday, Mrs. LL and The Family Kids walked in and told me to shut my eyes. When I got to open them, they had the fattest cat in the world in their possession. I'm serious. This thing is the equivalent to a 400 pound man. It is huge! So, of course, I asked where it came from. Mrs. LL told me, "It was swimming in a lake so I called the police. We were able to get it so I brought it home. " I am not making that up.
  • I am not a fan of the NFL but for some reason I turned on Carolina vs. New York yesterday and have never been more entertained. It was insanity. Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman basically were in a UFC fight and the game was dramatic.
  • Mrs. LL has a sentimental attachment to the Sound of Music so we ended up watching it last night. It is, indeed, great. But there was an awkward moment when the beautiful blonde fiance of Captain Von Trapp said, "Fond as I am of you, I really don't think you're the right man for me. You're much too independent. And I need someone who needs me desperately. . ." Recall, I filed as an Independent last week. 
  • Little Miss Sunshine sucks me in every time. Every character represents some section of society. And basically it is a family of rebels.
  • Star Wars made $238 million dollars this weekend. And we are just talking about the U.S. Second place was a Chipmunks movie which made $14 million
  • If I make a phone call, I shouldn't, but still am, amazed at how the recipient's reaction is, "This must be important." I don't make phone calls. (And I had one on Saturday night.)
  • I watched Joel Olsteen on Sunday and he actually told a funny joke: "God came down to a man and told him he would grant him one wish. The man told God that he had never been to Hawaii but he was afraid to fly on an airplane so he wanted God to build a bridge to Hawaii. God told him that was logistically impossible so he needed to come up with another wish. The guy then said he had been married four times and is of the belief that he didn't understand women. So he asked God for him to to be given the knowledge of what it takes to understand their needs and what they were thinking. God paused for a  long time and said, "Do you want that highway to Hawaii a be two lanes or four lanes?"
  • We have a major entry for "And Another."
  • Mrs. LL collects monkey dolls. Actually, she is a little insane about it. Part or our remodeling required us to move them all. I lined them all up and did this yesterday. (I initially forgot to attach the photo to the tweet so that is the reason for the "oops".)