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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know what to think about this Ted Cruz/Washington Post controversy. Cruz uses his children in a political commercial (using kids like that makes my stomach turn) and then the political cartoonist for the Post draws a cartoon of Cruz depicting his children like monkeys. (It was an organ grinder reference which I'm not sure most people would understand). But there was a backlash, and the Post took the cartoon down. Look, children should be off limits, but it's a little scary when the the press becomes that politically correct. They generally try to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."
  • The dad who posted of series of photos of his baby and turned him into a real life Elf on The Shelf came up with one funny bit. (I perked up last night when I heard on the news that he was from Paradise but it turned out to Paradise, Utah.)
  • Mrs. LL last night: "We are doing a simple gift exchange party with my side of the family. Go buy something worth about $40." Me: "Why don't you do it for me?" Her: "Because if I end up with that gift I'll know what it is." Me: [Slumped Shoulders]
  • She followed it up with: "Make it an adult gift. But I don't mean one those kind of 'adult gifts'."
  • I watched a part of Poltergeist last night and had forgotten how great it is. One scene made me think of my household: After the wife realizes there is craziness going on, she demonstrates to her husband how she can put a chair in one part of the kitchen and it would slide across the room. Then she puts one of her kids in the same place and the kid slides across the room. Both the kid and wife are giggling. The husband is slumped against the wall in horror. Welcome to my world. 
  • I had a funny moment in court the other day when I saw a lawyer friend of mine walk in and tell his client the case had been dismissed. He said it in a slightly (and, unintentionally, loud voice) so I was able to hear it along with some of the other people in the courtroom. I talked to afterwards and he joked that he should hire three or four people just to be in the courtroom so he could walk in and loudly tell them, "Your case has been dismissed". That would be a genius move for the Wise County Hammer.
  • And he even tricked it up after that. When the judge called his client's name, since he didn't know the case was dismissed, my buddy -- instead of walking up to the bench -- said in a loud voice while standing up from where we were sitting, "That case has been dismissed your Honor!" The whole gallery of defendants looked at him longingly. Then he turned and smiled at me and walked out. I did my best not to bust out laughing.  
  • I got in a Twitter fight with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's son last night. He's a district judge in Houston and had tweeted out a pic of his staff at a bowling alley (?) and mentioned how hard they worked. But the pic was yesterday during the day. I understand Christmas parties even for government employees but I thought I would have fun with him and asked him via Twitter, "Are you working now?" He actually responded with, "[W]e had the biggest docket in the building today and I'm the only judge in the building tomorrow covering for everyone else." First, lighten up. Secondly, he is the only judge in the Harris County courthouse right now? He is either lying or there are a ton of lazy judges in Harris County. 
  • How Idiocracy has the world become when I can get into a "Twitter fight" with a Houston district judge?