Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Another attempted ATM theft -- this time in Irving. The method of operation was the same as yesterday: Steal a vehicle and then smash that vehicle into a convenience store.
  • Our Governor tried to justify trying to keep Syrian refugees by citing to a story on Breitbart.com. I'll say it: I miss Rick Perry.
  • It is estimated that Syrian Refugees could cause 1,184 murders in Texas in one single year. I'm sorry, I got that wrong. That's the number of murders committed in Texas in 2014. The governor might want to focus on that. (By the way, ISIS claims it has killed a total of 800 people this year across three continents. And it's not ISIS we are talking about seeking refuge. We are talking about Syrians fleeing a horrible situation.)
  • I've been told time and time ago I must watch the FX series Fargo and that the second season, which is currently ongoing, is fantastic. I'm assuming the episodes are available online. 
  • There was a 4.7 earthquake in Oklahoma last night which has been reported to have lasted for several seconds. 
  • I left early the other day for work and went back to the bedroom where Mrs. LL was still asleep. She woke up, looked at me, oddly told me my hair looked good, and even more oddly used the Chinese word for "hair". She would go back to sleep and later had no memory of the event. 
  • I'm still not clear on the facts, but a cop tackling a female lawyer from a prominent Dallas law firm in her own Southlake lawn when she was not accused of a crime (her son had smoke weed) will lead to the Southlake PD getting sued
  • I had a nightmare that bagofnothing.com has complained about recently. I actually bolted up from sleep because I dreamed there was a horse in the bedroom and he was leaning down with an open mouth to bite a sleeping Mrs. LL. Now that qualifies as a nightmare.
  • A new lawyer got his feelings hurt by a blogging lawyer and fired off a "cease and desist" letter where he referred to himself in the third person. The response by the blogging lawyer is beyond entertaining.