Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • What?
  • DPS, in order to keep better statistics, will have troopers actually ask the driver their race during a traffic stop. Oh, that will go well. (Not to mention the driver has absolutely no obligation to answer. But they do have every right to be offended.) This order, of course, came from DPS Director Steve McCraw who seems to embarrass DPS every chance he gets.
  • Wise County has had seven tornadoes this year?
  • Donald Trump wants to have a U.S. database composed of the identification of every Muslim in the United States. And they would be required to register. Didn't Nazi Germany require every Jew to register as well?  Good lord, is this real life?
  • And remember he wants to deport every illegal alien, as well.  That's small government at its finest! Yet, he leads in the polls!
  • What a crazy case: A Fort Worth oil and gas man received a life sentence for gunning down his girlfriend's  ex-husband in Benbrook. One month ago he didn't seem to concerned when he tweeted: "I own Minerals in Western Okla. That I would Sale. If interested, pattonenergy@gmail.com or 817-994-1961., Thanks JohnnyP"
  • Looks like Santa Claus was putting the move on the ladies yesterday in Bridgeport.
  • Hey, what was the purposed of the vaccination that kids in the 1960s had to get which caused a scab and then a permanent scar on your shoulder? 
  • It looks like The Family Unit is going to have a Chinese student stay with us over the Thanksgiving holidays. It's going to be a girl. If it would have been a boy, I would have had him go up to the Senior in the House for the first time and re-create a scene from Sixteen Candles by asking, "What's happening hot stuff?"
  • I took a quick glance at an episode of Fargo last night but didn't have time to watch the whole thing. I like the feel of the show. I may go on a watching binge tomorrow when the temperatures plummet.
  • Sports: (1)With TCU's quarterback banged up, I haven't heard anything about Decatur's former quarterback who is on the team. What happened? He was in the battle for second string in the Spring and now he's not in the top three. (2) I can't imagine Baylor winning at OSU on Saturday night with a banged up QB, and I can't believe the line is Baylor +1. (3) I can't imagine TCU beating OU, either, (4) But just when you  think there is no way a team will win, it happens.