Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That was quite the storm. I'm not sure we've had a Family Unit Security Meeting in the middle of the night in the history of ever but we did last night. (Side note to Mrs. LL: Next time don't tweet about me wearing The Family Guy pajama pants with tennis shoes as my emergency protection gear. But it was a ridiculous look and that was comedy gold.)
  • Pete Delkus spent this morning retweeting compliments about his performance last night. That is such bad form. And we didn't turn to Channel 8 once during the storm. 
  • Three Texas universities are facing federal scrutiny over how they have handled sexual violence allegations. Trinity is one of them? You kidding me? Trinity?
  • Great Ticket segment this morning: If you had the power to allow your dog to talk, would you? Answer: NO WAY! What a beating that would be.
  • Texas attempting to (illegally) stop any Syrian refugee from living here makes perfect sense. I mean, Governor Abbott (who amazingly has made Gov. Perry look like Einstein) is worried about a terrorist attack, right? His policy would solve the problem. There's no way one of them could, say, move to Colorado and drive to Austin. Abbott is playing politics, and it is embarrassing. 
  • And Mark Davis started his program off today going on a rant about anyone who would invoke Jesus as a reason to take in Syrian refugees. Since there exists the possibility that there could be one terrorist, "Tell me in the Bible," Davis said, "Where Jesus said you should risk your life" in order to show compassion for your fellow man? Oh, I thought about two verses in about one-half of a second: "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." 
  • Do they still teach people to go to a particular corner of the house during a tornado? That never made any sense to me.  Once I saw the damage from the Wichita Falls tornado in the 1970s, I was pretty well convinced it didn't matter where you were in a house when every house you see for a mile was knocked off its slab.
  • We've got another Wise County government office "closed for training". This time is will be for two straight days. 
  • I would never debate Sean Hannity because he is the master or interruption and setting up straw men. But I've seen him schooled twice in the last week by two different guests. I never dreamed I would see that. (Here's an example of what he does: If he has a guest on that wishes to debate him about the no-waiting-period aspect of selling a handgun to someone at a gun show, he will interrupt him in the first minute with a question like, "So you don't believe a father has the absolute right to protect his daughters with a handgun when a rapist breaks into his home with the intention to attack his daughters?" The question has nothing to do with debate, the guest is shocked and taken aback, and Hannity then controls the conversation.) 
  • Idiocracy: Donald Trump took a shot at UFC fighter Ronda Rousey after her (violent) loss on Saturday by saying he was glad she lost because she is "not a nice person." And since we now have Trump weighing in on a UFC fight, America is as close to President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho than ever before. And it is entertaining. Disturbing. But entertaining.
  • Note to city council folks: Don't all show up at the same place in Wise County for dinner and sit at the same table. Even if you aren't talking about government business, it just looks bad and gives the appearance of an Open Meetings violation.