Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The attack on Paris on Friday was unnerving, and it appears that ISIS was behind it.  Wasn't the Middle East more stable when Saddam was in power in Iraq? Why exactly did we go after him?
  • I think I've watch Pulp Fiction fifty times and another one was added this weekend. (And Mrs. LL pointed out things in the background which I have never noticed. For example, before the needle-in-the-heart scene there were two kid/board games in the background. Life and Operation.)
  • It is Idiocracy when I wake up and my Twitter time line is full of references to one female beating another female in a UFC fight. (But, man, she wore almost nothing on an appearance on Jimmy Fallow where she basically predicted she would lose.)
  • I stumbled upon a religious channel yesterday and saw Joel Osteen. He was doing his same bit. I will paraphrase his "sermon": "Are you having marriage issues? Do you have debt and creditors who are hounding you? Do you have a child which has lost his way? Have you lost your job and having trouble finding another? Do you suffer from addiction?" The people that attend his church, or any church that resembles it, are being conned.
  • And later in the day I went back to the same channel and saw "Changing Your Life with Gregory Dickow". This guy was doing the same schtick as Olsteen but had it ramped up by talking about the power of communion and its "supernatural powers" as he quoted Bible verses.  It turned out only to be Informational to buy his DVD collection. I was so angry I called the number and left a recorded message. The guy is, in my opinion, a fraud and a snake oil salesman. His number is 888-438-5433.
  • OK, Baylor lost. No excuses. But a one loss Big 12 team might still make the final four. (And I told you I had a very bad feeling about that Oklahoma game.) And I also said weeks ago that an Oklahoma team would win the Big 12. I'm a Sports Genius. A depressed Sports Genius this Monday but a Sports Genius nevertheless.
  • I've mentioned this before but I still remember when I turned 18 that I went to the Bridgeport Post Office to fill out my registration card in case there was another draft. Vietnam had recently come to an end.  I handed the card back to the man and I asked, "Is that all there is to it?" He looked at me and with a stern look said, "You better hope so."
  • There is an Amber Alert on right now for a child named "Twinkle Twinkie Twilight".
  • Shout out to Community Bank in Bridgeport for the card you sent me after I opened up an account. You may do that for everyone but I'm assuming you don't. And special shout out to two ladies  -- that was a hard day for me.
  • Mrs. LL emailed me on her trip to Indiana on Friday and said she just went through Effingham, Illinois.  Not only is that a funny name, but there was a family who moved into my Bridgeport neighborhood as a kid who came from Effingham.  And when I was DA, after they were long gone, there would be a crime committed in that house which led to a prosecution and trial which still haunts me. (And a lawyer in town as the front page of the Wise County Messenger framed and hanging on his wall.)
  • So Dez Bryant drops a ball and doesn't make a decent effort on the last play. The explanation is obvious: Dallas the Monkey kept him up the night before.