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Anonymous said...

Those words are chilling.

It really brings things into perspective, though. We get on this silly blog and get rather heated about national politics, local school boards, and the proper usage of there, their, and they're. We critique the RTG, Barry's bullet points, and the local media.

But when the true evil of this world threatens, there is no doubt in my mind that we're capable and willing to band together, shoulder to shoulder, and put our trivial opinions aside to confront those who would try to silence those opinions.

Many of you nearly drive me to insanity. But it's truly a privilege to interact with you here. And I know we'd have each other's back when it really comes down to it.

Anonymous said...

But why is your president wanting to bring these people over here so bad?

Anonymous said...

I have a question about how the aftermath of this all played out? First off, if our intelligence had the location of so many "prime" targets in Raqqa, why hadn't those already been hit? Why did it take an attack like this for us to do so? Does not sound like a great "containment" strategy to me! Secondly, why did we drop leaflets prior to bombing telling the terrorists to basically get out if you don't want to get blown up? Again, it doesn't sound like we are too big on "containment" when it comes to Daesh!!!

Maybe it is time to draw another line in the sand like we did with Assad. If they behead or commit more acts of terror we can just leaflet bomb them until they get snow blindness!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, do you think that the terrorist should get the death penalty?

Bear said...


Watching the local and national news does not backup what you say. Just as many want to let them in as keep them out. Those that want to let them in are naive as can be. If 1% of the refugees are terrorists, then that means 650 are being let into our country. It only took 8 to do what happened in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Please note that most if not all the terrorists involved in Paris were from France - not immigrants from Syria. As for the death penalty, the terrorists either blew themselves up or died in shootouts. Usually no one to execute.

There are bad guys in all populations - native and immigrant. Goofy governors can't prohibit properly cleared immigrants.