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Random Flashback: Were The Records Ever Released?

It got my attention in April why all records requested by the Messenger regarding the shooting of the man in Montague County by police (it's the shooting which gave rise to a memorial service for a Wise County Drug Dog) had not been released. Here's my post. There was no reason then why they should not be released. There is no reason now. Police reports. Autopsy. Video. Everything. Have they been turned over yet?

Is there anyone, whether liberal, conservative, moderate, or even apathetic who does not believe that government records no longer relevant to any litigation should not be turned over to the public? Come on, we love transparency in Texas. And we love the rule of law, right? It applies to law enforcement and prosecutors, right?  Under Texas law, all public records must be disclosed unless there is a specific exception. I can't think of an exception that would be applicable in this case.

Heck, for the first time in my life I feel like saying, "If you have nothing to hide then . . . . " But I shouldn't, and don't, have to justify the Messenger's open records request.

If all the records were turned over, I apologize, If not, they will be. Have you ever seen a respected newspaper and a a crazy lawyer blogger who has become obsessed with keeping government accountable team up? I haven't asked them, but I think they'll be willing to let me ride in the sidecar.

Edit: Thanks to a comment, I was reminded of this: There was an in depth review of the incident at a training seminar which was not open to the public. And the Montague D.A. was a speaker.  So where are the records? And is there anyone who attended that meeting who would be willing to confidentially tell me if anything remotely disturbing was revealed?