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Getting To The Bottom Of The Virginia Shootings: I'm Confused

Are guns the problem?
Ok. Not guns. It's about mental illness. Fair enough. 

Check that. It's not about mental illness, it's just about "Evil".

Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

Mental Illness can be treated, we really need to bring back mental institutions and commit folks who show signs of trouble like this guy had. He should have been sent to one 2 years ago and if he was locked away and had access to the proper care it is likely he never commits this EVIL crime.

Anonymous said...

So a pastor and a douche having differing opinions. So what?

mzchief said...

"I can't criticize Carson or Cruz because they're nice to me."

You people just think you've seen thin-skinned, watching Obama the past 7 years. Trump redefines the term "titty-baby"

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get to the bottom of a Virgina now and then. Now would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

You skipped a step there, didn't you counselor?

Evil people don't kill people, guns blabberdy-blah-blabberdy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to ban rainbow flags.

Anonymous said...

The mental illness causing these daily shooting deaths is the irrational love for and addiction to guns.

Anonymous said...

What time period was it where all the libs let all the crazies go from mental hospitals. Remember that?

Remember how the crazies were locked up and treated? Was that great or what?

Then the crazies started shooting up soft targets, and the libs jump to gun control, rather than sorting where the true problem arose. Letting the crazies go.

Remember how all of this crap did not happen when we locked up the crazies?

I will consider more gun control when none of the politicians are protected by guns.

Patrick Henry