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Lubbock Police vs. Man


I really don't have an opinion how they handled this. I'll give them a benefit of the doubt that a bean bag deflected off his shoulder and may have put out his eye.

But the explanation below needs some work.  Who came up with the term "less lethal" ammunition? Doesn't that mean it will "kill you less"?   And the sentence which said the suspect "dropped the weapons before deadly force had to be used" made me initially think that deadly force was used.

Changing gears: There's a Marsha Sharp Freeway in Lubbock?  Does Waco have something like that?

"Have you not been entertained?"


wordkyle said...

MSF in Lubbock, major six-lane road from the interstate to the southwest part of town making it possible to cross Lubbock in five minutes. Cost something over $300 million. Pretty handy. (The travel, not the cost.)

At least the baseball bat- and knife-wielding, employee-attacking guy lived. Note that out of fear for his own safety he got out of the Walmart parking lot to make his stand.

Anonymous said...

Kim Mulkey definitely has some major lady cojones. I would vote for the Waco portion of Hwy 6 being named in her honor.

DF Pat Summitt

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we did not do anything to disrespect the guy who shows up at Wal Mart with a bat and a knife to kill. These days, the rights of these types of people simply MUST be revered and protected. I wonder, if this guy had not gone to Wal Mart to kill someone, if his eye would be OK right now. Think so?

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of trash that Trump wants to dump. Notice the hyphenated last name? Illegal alien. ICE detainer to be issued later today.

Anonymous said...

Less lethal- can still kill you, it is just less likely to do so than say a .40 cal round to the chest. You can die from brain injury if struck in the head. Splinters of rib bone can damage heart and lungs if round impacts chest and if hit in the abdomen it can damage the liver.

On average one person a year is still killed by cops with a bean bag round.

Capt. Schmoe said...

The term less lethal kind of evolved from less-than-lethal, a marketing term developed by makers of bean bag guns or tasers. (I can't remember exactly who coined the original term)

Back in the day, you really only had three choices when dealing with a subject like the one in the video. You went hands-on, you tried to use a baton or OC spray or you shot him. Going hands-on wasn't really an option because you would probably get seriously injured or killed. Pipes and knives are lethal. Batons and OC put you too close and the outcome was as uncertain as above.

When tasers and beanbag started showing up, they were touted as less than lethal, meaning less lethal than a gun - allowing a projectile to be used to help resolve the issue by providing space between the subject and the coppers. Thing was, every once in a great while, someone dies after being shot by a taser or a bean bag. There goes the slogan less than lethal. Remove the "than" and accuracy prevails.

Often, the person shot by the beanbag does not realize that it was a beanbag and thinks he/she is going to die. Kind of funny in a way. Thing is, less lethal should always be used in conjunction with deadly force as the carefully crafted plan doesn't always work. Sometimes, there is no substitute for jacketed hollow point.

Less lethal has saved coutless lives and is a good tool to have in the box.

Anonymous said...

4:16-our agency is not happy enough when a life is spared (suspect or agent) by the use of Tazer (a great tool by the way). Now we are required to make sure that the suspect will have a soft landing. So unless the suspects lands on a pillow or a soft piece of grass it will be our ass.

Anonymous said...

They must need to put more powder or more beans in the bags if that's all they're killing !