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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • President Obama going to New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina has to be a none too subtle jab at President Bush's "fly over" ten years ago. 
  • I'm not sure I understand why "Sheriff Clark" always appears on Hannity (although I have a pretty good idea why), but I have no idea what this comment from him last night means: "I am done asking people in my community to outsource their personal safety to the government." Are we just on our own? 
  • I almost had a heart attack yesterday when I discovered what might be the most shocking criminal injustice ever to occur in Wise County -- at least in a particular stage of a criminal proceeding. I will disclose it, but I've got to calm down first. To their credit, everyone over at the courthouse immediately scrambled to make it right the moment the issue was discovered. 
  • Fox 4 News has appeared to have fixed its updated website. Looks good.
  • How long before drones hover around every school for security purposes? 
  • I saw an elderly lady gingerly taking a walk in my neighborhood after sunset last night but was walking in the street instead of using the sidewalk She began to drift further into the center of the road, it was dark, and we have idiot drivers coming down the road all the time. When I saw headlights in the distance, I took off sprinting to get to her and to get the driver's attention. Speaking of heart attacks, I almost gave her one. (She seemed Ok mentally, but could only explain that she didn't use the sidewalk because she didn't like "narrow places". I warned her about crazy drivers, she seemed thankful, and then I watched her to make sure she made it safely home. She still used the street but stayed off to the side.) 
  • I kept seeing this headline everywhere yesterday: "Fatal shot in San Francisco pier shooting was ricochet." That shooting by an undocumented immigrant created a firestorm within the immigration debate. But if you read any story about this news,  the ricochet is the defense's contention which the police dispute. 
  • Texas AG Paxton was scheduled for a simple arraignment yesterday in Tarrant County but, at the proceeding which was blanketed by the media, lawyer Joe Kendall presented a Motion to Withdraw. You kidding me? I don't blame any lawyer and client deciding  to go their separate ways if the relationship has broken down to the equivalent of War Of The Roses, but why withdraw then and there?  You wait a couple of weeks, make sure there is another lawyer ready to take over that the client has chosen and approved, get with the prosecutor and tell him/her what is going on, you both walk over to the judge and tell him that you will file a Motion to Withdraw and that the prosecutor will not oppose it, you file the Motion and the judge signs an order. In a high profile case, the withdrawal may never even get noticed. But by presenting the Motion at that highly publicized routine hearing caused The Dallas Morning News to fire off a blog post within hours entitled, "Ken Paxton’s rough day in court shows his legal, political teams aren’t ready for fight ahead."
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge, after a report that the vast, vast majority of the female profiles on were fake, said that meant the guys on the site hadn't had affairs but just were having a "fantasy." Is that the right word? If you sit at your desk and dream of an affair, that's a "fantasy". If you have the affair, that's "adultery". But what if you have that fantasy and engaged in an act in furtherance of completing that fantasy. Isn't there a word other than "fantasy" that best describes that person's mindset? 
  • Warning. Ad Rant: I would say that all this coverage of Blue Bell coming back, at least what I saw on Fox News last night -- which mentioned flavors by name, is an ad. But Blue Bell wouldn't have the money for that, right?  They have to be financially devastated  Wait. What was that story from last month? Oh, yeah: Fort Worth's Sid Bass agreeing to lend Blue Bell up to $125 million in exchange for the right to own up to 33% of the company. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

We need you to look into the city of Fate's water bill issue.... And several more cities around... Some people's bills have tripled, and usage has gone up 40,000 gallons in some households. Provider says it's legit charges, I'm thinking software glitch or something... Get on it, BG!

Anonymous said...

Doubtful the idiot Obama could strategize anything subtle...if so that is the best thinking he has ever done.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming now that the "advertising via news story" thing is just trolling on your part, right? Of course Blue Bell is news!

that guy said...

I would guess that at this point the President could care less about the former President. Methinks that Dubya and Bubba won't be waiting to welcome him with open arms in the ex-president's club. I could be wrong but I suspect President Obama will be the next generations Jimmy Carter, an after thought (for most).

I don't think drones and schools would be a good mix, although it could make dodge ball that much more entertaining. I imagine you'll see neighborhood watch drones well in advance of school drones.

You're a good man - thanks for helping out
DF All State Mayhem guy.

Ken Paxton should just resign and get his legal affair in order.

Nope, it's still a fantasy til you carry out the act completely. Some fantasies are just more elaborate than others.

The Blue Bell stories are the exception in that people are genuinely interested. America loves it some Blue Bell. I can't wait for pralines and cream to hit the shelves but rest assured I'll be hitting the stores in Harris County this weekend to pick up some Homemade Vanilla to tide me over.

Ernest T said...

Obama doesn't do anything subtle. He doesn't have to because the media will back him up.

With New Orleans, Bush was in a no-win situation with the liberals and the media. If he had of landed and walked around, then he would have been attacked because of the huge amount of resources that it would have tied up for his visit when they could have been helping people. Then, when he chooses to fly over and not land, he gets attacked for not coming.

Anonymous said...

Bush did a flyover of New Orleans because law enforcement officials specifically told him the security necessary for a presidential visit would compromise an already hazardous situation.

Bush does the smart, considerate practical thing — and he STILL gets portrayed as uncaring and in the wrong.

If he'd gone in to the city, then the media would have blamed him for risking lives all for a photo-op.

Anonymous said...

This Blue Bell listeria thing is the greatest thing to ever happen to the company. There are people out there that had never even thought of buying their ice cream that will now be standing in line for it. And the amount of free press they are getting?? Plus the Bass shot in the arm. Personally, I am sick of hearing about it and prefer Braum's anyway.

Anonymous said...

President Obama going to New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina has to be a none too subtle jab at President Bush's "fly over" ten years ago.

Notice in Obama's remarks, he recognized the people in the 9th Ward for their hard work and commitment in rebuilding their community. Truth is, only 39% have even attempted to rebuild with the remaining 61% either absent or uninhabitable. You could hear the crowd cheering, "send us more federal funding." NOLA is a giant federal money sinkhole. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Why does a Wise County blog need to look into water bills in Rockwall County?

mzchief said...

Can't wait to hear the Republicans come out and thrash Obama for his childish dig at the way "W" handled Katrina. Trump, the current Republican favourite, bashes anyone who disagrees with him. You have to give Obama credit for not calling women "fat pigs" "disgusting," "animal" or any other vile thing that flows out of Trump's mouth. You people notice how Trump makes everything personal? He doesn't take on Jeb with facts, Trump just mocks him as a person. Looks like Republicans are glad to get their own personal playground bully, this go around.

Electing Presidents, other than for middle-school, based on the "cult of personality" never ends well for the US.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that neighborhoods, etc. in New Orleans are still unable to rebuild, recover after ten years and all these stories about it cite "poor folks" and "racism" and yet, without the same attention and funding from governments and celebrities, etc.; neighborhoods and towns even poorer and just as ethnic that are basically wiped off the map and suffer just as badly on a per capita basis in other areas due to hurricanes, tornadoes (especially), floods, etc. rebuild pretty quickly and then move on?

Anonymous said...

Why is Obama ignoring the Mississippi Gulf Coast? Oh, I remember, more white people that end to be right leaning live on the coast of MS than New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

All the politicians are the same.
They just need to lump them into one word called Repocrats.

DF We Gonna Makes dis a Chocolate City wunce again!

Anonymous said...

I believe that a large percent of the sex for hire web sites are actually either: Setting you up for blackmail or gays trying get you to send a nude picture of yourself. A friend of mine has software that checks the pictures on Craigslist"s "Casual Encounters" section and compares them to photos in adds all over the U.S. He finds a high percentage appear on Craigslist at multiple cities hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Anonymous said...

9:03, what happened in Fate is that the good citizens finally got tired of city employees making too much money, so they voted into office candidates that cut the pay so low that now the city is staffed by incompetents. So now, it's time to raise the pay levels to attract qualified people to run the town.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Regarding todays RTGs:

Wow!... Continue the good work.

The things i could do with those fun bags... you've seen the movies.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic that the people in new Orleans didn't know that they were below sea level.

Anonymous said...

I won't buy any Blue Bell until the executives that chose profits over safety are removed. They knew they had a Listeria problem but it was cheaper to keep recleaning the problem area instead of actually fixing the problem. The result? At least 3 dead customers. People seem to forget that part.

Anonymous said...

"President Obama going to New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina has to be a none too subtle jab at President Bush's "fly over" ten years ago."

That doesn't make any sense.

I promise you, Obama would have flown over the city, 10 years ago, too. And would not have been allowed by Secret Service to move among the city.

Anonymous said...

"'I am done asking people in my community to outsource their personal safety to the government.' Are we just on our own?"

You always have been. You've been lucky enough to live in the majority, who never have to deal with the contingency of a true emergency. When or if it happens, YOU are the first responder, sir.

You're a father, now. You are a head of household. You are a grown man. It is time to realize this, for yourself, at least. (Even if you won't freely admit the truth of it to others.)

Anonymous said...

"How long before drones hover around every school for security purposes?"

No need. They've got digital cameras hardwired all over most campuses, now. Lots of those cameras are on pan-and-zoom mounts (but no mics, for some reason. Aren't school hallways public places?). They're networked and can be accessed on or off-campus. Much more sustainable than a DVR, and in the hands of a decent person, can collect a LOT of info quickly.

And, as a libertarian and parent who sends his kids to these schools, I'm actually fine with that. No, I don't consider that to be a contradiction. This falls under "least intrusive" measures in seeing to my kids' safety. The sheer volume of video from all the cameras means that the hard drives holding it have to rotate off video every thirty days or so.

Anonymous said...

"I saw an elderly lady gingerly taking a walk in my neighborhood after sunset last night but was walking in the street instead of using the sidewalk..."

Heck, I figured you'd advise her of Texas Transportation Code Sec. 552.006:
"Sec. 552.006. USE OF SIDEWALK. (a) A pedestrian may not walk along and on a roadway if an adjacent sidewalk is provided and is accessible to the pedestrian."

(But good on you for at least trying. I would have, too.)

Anonymous said...

Blue Bell, the best Listercream in the country.

Anonymous said...

"Warning. Ad Rant..."

So is your frustration at journalistic ethics, for posting ad copy as news, and basically being bought out? Or at their laziness for basically just publishing press releases as news (because no one does much in the way of real journalism, anymore)? Or is this a rant about how capitalism is controlling the news, and the evil industry affects what we hear?

While I await your answer, I will note that you never seem to listen to NPR, and you seem to spend an awful lot of time watching Fox News and listening to WBAP, which run a lot of ad spots.



Anonymous said...

2:26 That is awesome! More Blue Bell for me. The current generation of execs at Blue Bell don't have the ethics or values that 'ol Howard and Ed Kruse had, but its still the best ice cream around and certainly beats the heck out of that stinking, left wing, hippie ice cream from Vermont!

Anonymous said...

It's actually "The Wars of the Roses", and I just read a great book about it all called The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones. Reminded me of Empire of the Summer Moon. Good reading, once you get used to everyone being named Henry, Richard, Edward, Elizabeth, Margaret, or Anne.

DF Kanye said...

George Bush still doesn't care about black people.

Anonymous said...

Typical lib comments about Obama. I'm from Gulfport, Mississippi. Funny thing is we got hit by Katrina just as hard as NOLA. Obama won't come here. Why? We were up and running within months after Katrina, we didn't ask for Uncle Sams handouts to do it, oh yeah and we aren't majority black. If you stupid libs can't see your own hypocrisy then I'll point it out to you.