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Girl Trick Shot

Yeah, I know it's four days old. But there's a gal up at the courthouse who will continue to hound me until I post it.

And, besides, that is impressive.


Anonymous said...

Too much time on my hands.
T-t-t-t-too much time on my hands.

DF Styx

Anonymous said...

That is really cool. Thanks for posting.

DF Dennis DeYoung

PS - I liked the Styx reference 11:10a. Good tie in.
PPS - Barry, how a backstop report? Inquiring minds are waiting.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was cool as hell.
Of what use?
Just don't worry about that...

Anonymous said...

I'll one up ya...

Anonymous said...

I do the same trick except:

1. When I bounce the bat off the ground I hit myself in the nads,
2. When I bounce the ball off my foot, I kick it into my crazy neighbor's backyard who is a lawyer & building some kind of net monstrosity to catch birds in mid-flight I think,
3. I always twist my ankle and fall down in pain,
4. My wife comes out and yells at me for embarrassing her in front of the neighbors,
5. And my good son brings me a cold beer as I lay on the ground to make Daddy feel better.

So all in all, it boils down to cold beer while I am laying down, so it's a good trick.

DF Living Life Liberally Large in Suburbia

Anonymous said...

If there was a way too share this comment i would had me in tears 👍