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I Would Never Burn You

I am watching The Insider for the first time right now and this scene is on. I've hit the pause button.

Pacino plays a producer for 60 Minutes and is trying to convince a key person that he did not disclose what was previously told to him in confidence. 60 Minutes is considering whether they have just cause to expose bad people for doing bad things.

And he didn't. He has kept his word.

Do you know how many times over the years someone has told me "don't post this" or "you can post this but don't use my name"? It's a shocking number. Do you how many times I violated that trust? Zero.

If you tell me something, I will keep my word.

(I always think about taking a silly blog to a level which isn't so silly. There are people who need to be exposed -- with facts.)


Anonymous said...

Barry, you are an honorable man. Some people don't realize that honor cannot be earned through money, intimidation, power, fear, or threats. It is only earned by how individuals conducts their life and keeps their promises. You are such a person.

DF Marcus Aurelius

Anonymous said...

Ok? Geez barrister you need a hug or what? sack up pussy boy.

Anonymous said...

Let's do this! I'll be your know, following people for you, getting you coffee, taking a bullet for a sad plot twist at the end. Justice I say, Justice!

Double Fake Shia Lebouf

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dang, that made my feet stink.

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