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Texas Counties Can Form Militias? What Are We Waiting For!


I just did a very quick glance at the law, and I think this is the relevant portion of the Texas Government Code:

Sec. 431.072.  COUNTY EMERGENCY BOARD.  The county emergency board of each county consists of the county judge, sheriff, and tax assessor-collector.  If one of those officers is unable to act, the governor shall designate another public official to serve on the board.

Sec. 431.073.  DRAFT.  (a)  The governor, by order to the county emergency board, shall apportion the number of members of the reserve militia called into service among the counties by draft according to each county's population or by other means the governor directs.  The county emergency board shall establish fair and equitable procedures for selection of persons to fill the draft according to regulations adopted by the governor.  On completion of the selection, the board shall deliver a list of the persons selected to the governor and notify each person selected of the time and place to appear and report.


Anonymous said... does that "militia" already have 35 members? Who drafted them?

I grew up in that area - and I've long said it's a great place to be FROM. Keep an eye on the comments to the original article - I can guarantee they're going to get funny.

Anonymous said...

Draft? So now the crazies aren't going to await their ilk to band together naturally at their rallies? We are instead going out and find them to muster them into a legally empowered force? I guess Louisiana should be nervous about an impending invasion.

DF Sam Houston
why is there an aluminum foil shortage?

Anonymous said...

I could understand if it were McClennan county.

Anonymous said...

I sure Sheriff Walker would love to have a County Militia formed. Maybe a former Constable would agree to head it up?

Anonymous said...

What about our Zombie Response Teams?

DF Rick Grimes

Anonymous said...

I am originally from that area. Not surprised whatsoever.