The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • As violent storms were hitting Wise County last night at 10:00 p.m., every local news channel decided to go to its pre-planned package about the earlier storm that hit Mineral Wells. Pete Delkus turned his back on us. We will not forget.
  • I saw Sheriff David Walker on Channel 8 this morning with the caption  underneath of "Dave Walker". 
  • Noticed a car being towed in Decatur this morning by a tow truck with Wise Credit LLC on the side. Uh, oh.
  • Ok, I'll back off my rant against the Waco Police because of the way they handled Sunday's gang fight, but finally I'm hearing folks in the media begin to ask, "Did all those people need to be arrested? Should all of them be in jail right now?" 
  • As much as I'm supporting those wrongfully accused Bandidos and Cossacks, what do you think the chances are of me becoming an honorary member of either of the two? (The thought of a ceremony where one of the gangs hand me a jacket and starts applauding is comedy gold.) 
  • Have we ever seen all  for president of one party (over six months from even the first primary, by the way) all focus their attention on one candidate from the other party? The GOP may be the greatest ad campaign for Hillary that ever existed.
  • Heard TCU head coach Gary Patterson on The Ticket yesterday and he was so passive aggressive towards Baylor's Art Briles. Man, those two guys hate each other and it is so fun. (And we should have known something was going on when Briles stared down Patterson in 2011 instead of watching a game winning field goal. And it all got ramped up with Patterson's rant after the loss to Baylor in 2013.) 
  • After all this talk over the season finale of Mad Men, it was pointed out yesterday that its 3.3 million viewers were equal to the number of people who watched the Bitcoin/St. Petersburg college bowl game last year.
  • NFL: Man, the reason they print money is because they know how to entertain. They are now moving the extra point line of scrimmage to the 15 yard line which will mean the equivalent of a 32 yard field goal.  They have a rule that's part of the tradition and the fabric of the game, but if it is stupid and boring, they'll change it.  (Baseball? You listening?)
  • I think the Update website is down this morning. (Everyone take cover over there.)