Are We Going To See Lake Bridgeport Not Only Full But Over The Banks?

Now just about 2 1/2 feet low on Saturday morning. Amazing.

Here's the rain forecast from National Weather Service (Note: The Liberally Lean Weather Center has not confirmed these projections. We've still got some maps to look at and some animals to consult.)

I hate the labels on that thing. "Bowie" is a dot probably where the "w" is in its name. Wise County is below it and Jack County is to the left of Wise County. That's important because . . . 

This is the often mentioned but rarely understood "watershed" for the lake:

So if the watershed sweet spot is above Jacksboro, that rainfall map has it in its cross hairs.

That's all for now. I'll throw it to the very dramatic Clarice Tinsley so she can read some inane comments from Facebook and her phone that she is currently holding.

Clarice: "Thank you Liberally Lean. The comments on the rain are just on fire on our Fox 4 Facebook page. Jim Bob from Cundiff writes, 'We been praying for rain but I think we need to stop praying.'  That's so right Jim Bob. You nailed it. So true. You're spot on. Couldn't have said it better myself.  And Dakota from Cottondale says, 'If I had known this was gonna happen, I'd built an ark like that Noah guy."  Absolutely! We should have all thought of that!  You might want to get to work on that ark, Dakota and [Production note: Clarice becomes serious as she looks at the camera] don't forget to gather up those animals. They need our love and protection during these trying times. We'll be back after this."