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Waco Police Press Conference Today

 Ok, I'll give them that.

Huh? We don't know how many officers fired their weapon? I'm 99% sure that any police agency requires a report to be immediately filed if an officer fires his weapon while in the performance of his duties. And even if not, how about asking them?  But. Ok. Let's give them an extreme (and silly) benefit of the doubt and assume they haven't ID'd all the officers.
Ok, scratch that. 

This from the same guy, Sgt. Patrick Swanton, who said less than 24 hours ago: “There was a green light put out on law enforcement [by the gangs], is our understanding from last night. We are aware of that threat . . . . We are on high alert.”

Whoa!!! Uninvited? Meaning unexpected?  So the cause of the violence was potentially something Twin Peaks did not anticipate (even assuming you can ever anticipate a gun fight in Waco). ? Had the other group not shown up, everything might have been fine?