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Speaking Of Wise County Park

Today's View From The Boat Ramp

Aerial View from April, 2014


Anonymous said...

Boat ramps are such cool gadgets to get to use.

Anonymous said...

Can you that?

Anonymous said...

This happens about every 6 years. This summer will be a seller's market for lakefront property. New owners will lavish in the beauty of a blue lake and lush vegetation only to be faced with receding shorelines in a couple of years. As we go through these normal cycles of famine and plenty, this period of green fields reminds me of the Brothers Four song "Green Fields".

Anonymous said...

Some of best husband and wife fights I have ever witnessed were at boat ramps. Should be a good summer for more stories.

Anonymous said...

12:49......that's funny.... and true.

Watching the wife back the boat in.... and husband trying to load or unload. True comedy.