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I don't know why I laughed at this so much.

Guy is holding an Ace and a Ten.  After four cards on the table, he's holding two pairs with one card to go. His opponent has one pair after the four cards are displayed. Two Aces and he holds a Queen.

One more card to go. I'm no poker expert, but there's only one way for Mr. Two Pairs to lose. I guess that's why his odds of winning were 93%. He's all in.

His expression is priceless and it lasts soooo long.  Extra humor comes from the guy on our right who isn't involved in this hand any longer.  There's just a small glance from him where he looks like he's about to bust out laughing.

Any lip readers out there? I couldn't make out what Mr. Two Pairs says before the final card is turned over.


Anonymous said...

I would call that guy a homosexual but he's the only one at the table not wearing a straight-bill hat or irrelevant tattoos.

I guess you go "all in" with two pair.

You don't expect that to happen.

Whatever happened to Phil helmuth?
Doyle Brunson?
Doc Holliday? (I actually, think the tuberculosis got him)

RatherBeSailing said...

I held aces and tens against two queens one time and the river produced another queen. That is a signal to play another day!

Anonymous said...

"Thanks Obama"

Anonymous said...

Here's the video (with audio)
Poker 'Bad Beat' Face You Won't EVER Forget

Anonymous said...


Doc Holliday is buried in Glenwood Springs CO

Doyle Brunson is still around, but getting older and playing less. He has also authored several books that have sold well.

Phil Helmuth is still around and playing, he's just not making the final table.

wordkyle said...

And that's why they call it gambling.

Anonymous said...

Shit like that never happens when I deal.

Dwayne Garrett

Denney Crane said...

Well Johnny Ringo, it looks like somebody just walked all over your grave!

Anonymous said...

Your a Daisy if you do.