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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • So there's a report that Freddie Gray, the individual whose death set off the Baltimore riots, might have tried to injure himself in a police van?  Other than the fact the report came from a document prepared by a police department who is under fire, the "witness" to that event was another person in police custody whose name was not disclosed, and this whole narrative sounds exactly like an episode of corruption right out of The Wire, I think we can call this a closed case. 
  • The social media guy for the Houston Rockets (a Baylor grad, by the way) was fired after his horse-about-to-be-shot tweet. (Hey, to the guy who commented below who told me I was an idiot that I didn't understand the tweet was about rape, I'm a little worried about you. I think you inadvertently went through a Rorschach test when you looked at that tweet and saw something no one else did.) 
  • I mentioned the other day that I was unfamiliar with the practice of metropolitan DA offices having a "list" of officers who have a past which indicates they may not be trustworthy. An officer's name will be revealed to be on that list to the defense lawyer if the officer is involved in a pending case. Makes sense. But I got to thinking. If a prosecutor has a history of unethical conduct which has been documented, shouldn't that fact be disclosed as well? Practically speaking, a prosecutor's reputation will follow him but not every defense lawyer might know about it.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning on NFL Draft day: "Everyone is talking about what the Cowboys should do. Hey, they went 13-3 last year. They don't really need to do anything." (I promise that's an accurate quote.)
  • There is a plea hearing scheduled today in Parker County for the then 17 year old kid who killed his mother in sister in 2012. (He had been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial but maybe something has changed -- he's not allowed to plea to anything if still declared incompetent.) I'm very interested in what the deal is. 
  • A soon to be famous and traumatized Navy SEAL showed up at Rick Perry's governors mansion in 2007 and Perry ended up befriending him and giving him a "spare bedroom"? 
  • I know I wrote about it at the time, but in 2004 four people were murdered in a house in McKinney and it was a huge mystery as to what had happened.  Things got really muddied when a guy came forward and confessed to the crime. It was finally determined he was making it up. That guy is now in jail accused of stabbing his wife to death in a Dollar General parking lot in McKinney.
  • If the Angels had come to the Rangers a week ago and said, "Pay us $6 million and we promise you that Josh Hamilton will never play for us again, we will not trade him to anyone else, and we will continue to suffer financial damage because we will pay his contract", I think the Rangers would have written the check. And I think that would be a smart move. 
  • Once again, the legislature is considering repealing the monster that is the Driver Responsibility Surcharge Act.  And once again, they'll probably drop the ball. Edit: But there is hope because the Tea Party is now in favor of the repeal.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was it rape?

Or was it rape rape?

DF Whoopi Goldberg

Anonymous said...

I don't like Rick Perry's politics and wouldn't vote for him. But I respect and admire him for actually taking action to help another person.

That being said, we'll see how that relationship goes from this point forward. If Perry uses him as a campaign prop, that respect will be greatly diminished.

Katy Anders said...

Eh. I'm just not feeling outraged today.

I'll wait and try again when the Experts on Everything show up and start lecturing everyone.

Anonymous said...

Campaign props. Mmmmmm......where have I seen that before?


Anonymous said...

Can we get our Ridiculous surcharge $ refunded. I don't disagree that a crime was committed but it was a large burden to pay that every year to keep driving to work only.

Anonymous said...

Best RTG of the week. Can I get an amen?

Anonymous said...

That phrase is used with rape statements, as jokes, memes, or otherwise. They left out the "just let it happen" part. It was a subtle rape reference. I could care less about the horse and gun emoji.

DF Clayton Williams

Anonymous said...

It was a rape joke applied to the horse thing. So, I think his firing was justified.


Anonymous said...

Many prisoners have tried to hurt themselves during transport or while in custody. Most patrol cars have cameras to cover the back seat. Too bad the paddy wagon - if that is what the transport vehicle was - did not have cameras.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say: Rain wrapped tornado!

Anonymous said...

A soon to be famous and traumatized Navy SEAL showed up at Rick Perry's governors mansion in 2007...

Marcus Luttrell is soon to be famous?

I don't know how much more famous he could be after the fictionalized movie about him came out in 2013. A multi-screen theater in a Houston suburb showed Lone Survivor on every screen of their theater the weekend the movie debuted.

Anonymous said...

Please close the Gray case. We can not be bothered with facts. We are only here to get free stuff after my bro breaks the window to the sto.

Anonymous said... Courtney Stodden Sex Tape post???? Barry, you're slippin.

Sam Brows said...

I've never taken an ink blot test, but I did think of the Clayton Williams quote when I read the Baylor Grad's Tweet (though to be fair, I never read Tweets, I just saw what Barry posted here).

On Josh Hamilton...The Rangers may well have written the check of which Barry hypothetically speaks this morning, but it would have been a much worse deal than the one they got. I think Jon Daniels is the absolute worst GM in the league, but even a blind pig occasionally finds a piece of corn. They get, in Hamilton, an out of control locomotive that just happens to be staying on the tracks at the present time, but also a guy who, absent a family now, and on the heals of being told in California, essentially, "Dude, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here," a man who is keenly motivated and focused on proving his doubters wrong. It may just be that his success is wired to playing the role of the underdog and that once having climbed the mountain, he lacks the ability to keep from falling down the other side. I'd wager that the Rangers get inconsistent play from him for most of this season, due to his health, but that they get a monster year from him next year before his next relapse.

Anonymous said...

The best part of the Hal Jay quote about the Cowboys is that he didn't even get their record right.

Anonymous said...

RTG: Amen

Real Man said...

a couple of thoughts, nothing that happens on or around twitter should be considered newsworthy, ever

i also remember when we all had balls and acted accordingly

remember when men played and viewed sports programming?

I do

Remember when the leagues started forcing info-chicks down our throats and wanted to be more female friendly to their ball-less demographic?

This is what we get - men's past times being run like a bunch of bitchy little girls are in charge (no offense to the female members of your family BG)

Who cares if it was a rape joke, it was definitley funny. Tasteless and Tacky are two good ingredients for jokes (we laugh at them in private)

I gotta get back to work, my wife needs pleasuring

After that I'm going to shave with a chainsaw and chug malt liquor while the rest of you debate feminie hygeine products.

If any of your wives needs help (because their is no way in gods green earth they're getting it at home), tell em to give me a call

Anonymous said...

As for the Social Media manager; anyone ever thought that the guy was just bad at his job and they needed an excuse to fire him? Also, it used to be common to say, "the Mavs got raped by the Rockets in that series" why now are we so touchy? Also, I mentioned this yesterday in a comment which I thought was similar but after doing some of the research on line, the tweet doesn't seem as egregious:

-JP, Texan stranded in LA

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the other day that I was unfamiliar with the practice of metropolitan DA offices having a "list" of officers who have a past which indicates they may not be trustworthy.

Barry you can deny being unfamiliar with a list, but face knew/know who they are

Anonymous said...

@ 9:12

Plant corn early.
Don't fry bacon naked.
You may now resume your regular posting sched...

df EoE

Anonymous said...

Such irony @ 9:12

Katy Anders said...

@12:39: It's like rain on your wedding day. / It's a free ride when you've already paid. / It's the good advice that you just can't take.

Bear said...

ditto 12:39

Anonymous said...

The rape statement comes from a dumb ass thing Clayton Williams said to totally sink his chance at Governor.

Rape is like a West Texas shower. You should just lay back and enjoy it.

Something like that.

Anonymous said...


yea buddy, the rest of us all knew

7th grade texas history.

Now if you could really enlighten the crowd that would help

Don't suppose you can name the state capital? (I was absent that day)

Bear said...

I believe the quote was

" If you know rape is inevitable, then you should just lay back and enjoy it"

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

1:59 -

Where did you go to school that they taught you in 7th grade about a gubernatorial candidate making a rape comment?

Anonymous said...


Farm Town, this was back when Richards was governor and the teacher was a big time Democrat

You gotta remember these were simpler times before everyone lost their collective minds.

Knives under six inches were permissable and you could have a gun in your vehicle during hunting season, as long as it was unloaded and the ammo was kept in a separate compartment.

any who, she was gleeful when she told that story

her and I would debate one another years later when she was my high school english teacher.

Great lady and great debates.

Anonymous said...

We should do this in the US. It would make some great LOL tv.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well

Anonymous said...


"her and I would debate one another years later when she was my high school english teacher."

Do you imagine she is even remotely ashamed at what a poor English teacher she was?

Anonymous said...


probably no more so than the shame your parents feel when realizing they raised an asshole.

and, if grammar sniping is your thing then maybe you should cruise on over to reddit or

You'll find many of the same ilk there and they have been known to love a good joke.

Anonymous said...

Can someone copy and paste the story of the FBI seizing those cars from the Morrison's on here? Would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

TO: -JP, Texan stranded in LA

Try reading this to answer why people are so "touchy" these days.

Anonymous said...

I'm a cop, and I've been ranting about the Driver Responsibility Surcharge Act for most of my career. It's not good for motorists. It's not good for cops. It's not good for Texas. It puts decent people in debtor's prison.

Repeal this stupid, oppressive law.