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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It finally dawned on me that this Supreme Court battle over same sex marriage is only about time.  The battle is already over. Here's why. The Supreme Court is not deciding whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal. No. The states arguing against gay marriage say that each state should have the right to define marriage. They just don't want the federal government to have any say in that. Even those states agree that a state can make gay marriage legal. So even if those conservative states win at the Supreme Court, the status quo will remain and eventually every State will vote to recognize same sex marriage. 
  • But the Supreme Court could make that time frame speed up to right now. The Court is actually deciding (1) whether there is a constitutional right to a same sex marriage which, if so, means the states could not refuse to issue same sex marriage licenses, and (2) If there is no such right, must those states who do not wish to issue same sex marriage licenses also refuse to recognize the legal status of a same sex marriage that occurs in a different state when that couple moves into that state.  If anti-same sex marriage states like Texas win on #1, but lose on #2, it will just move the inevitable along quicker than a win on both issues. 
  • Side note: Those States who argue against there being a constitutional right to same sex marriage argued yesterday that if there were one, there could also be one for polygamist marriage and other types of unconventional relationships.  You know what? The position of states like Texas already is that polygamist marriages could be legal. If you say that marriage should only be defined by states (if some want gay marriage, fine -- if not, that's fine too), you must also say that a state would have the right to define marriage in a way that includes polygamists. It's all up to each and every state.
  • All that being said, my prediction: The Supreme Court will find a constitutional right to gay marriage on issue #1 (which makes issue #2 moot.) 
  • Why? The pro-gay marriage folks need five votes. We know they have four absolute locks. But there are four who are probably against it. That leaves Justice Kennedy as the only true wild card. (But of those four who probably won't find a constitutional right to same sex marriage, you know in the back of their minds they are thinking, "Do I forever want to be remembered as being on the wrong side of history?" And do you think they were influenced yesterday by the protestor in open court who screamed, “The Bible teaches that if you support gay marriage you will burn in hell for eternity”?)
  • But if you want to predict how Justice Kennedy will vote, read this review of oral arguments by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick (who is beyond great). Kennedy is a great fan of dignity. (He wrote this when the Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act: “It seems fair to conclude that, until recent years, many citizens had not even considered the possibility that two persons of the same sex might aspire to occupy the same status and dignity as that of a man and woman in lawful marriage”.) And he's mentioned dignity in other opinions. And yesterday, at oral arguments, one of the government lawyers arguing against same sex marriage was dumb enough to say this to him:  “[M]arriage was never intended to be dignity bestowing.” Kennedy immediately took issue with that. It's over.
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge referred to the oral arguments yesterday at the Supreme Court as the court receiving "public comment". 
  • I caught the opening of Hannity last night and Geraldo Rivera had planted himself right in the middle of a crowd in Baltimore and was doing his best to try and get punched when they crowded him to get on TV. He knew that would be great TV.
  • Greg Abbott's order to monitor the federal military exercises with the Texas Guard is beyond belief. Either he believes in the silly conspiracy theory or he wants the vote of the conspiracy theorists and is willing to publically admit it.  But by ordering our troops to be "monitored" isn't he not supporting them? 
  • When I wasn't paying attention, the death total from from Nepal earthquake went from 500 to over 5,000.
  • The major league baseball game today in Baltimore where the Orioles will play the White Sox is CLOSED to the public. It will be played in an empty stadium.  Hey, will there be a PA announcer? And this is a great chance for bits.  How about show the dot race? What about a mascot running around looking confused as to where everyone is?  Have a concession guy go up and down the aisles yelling out "Popcorn! Peanuts!"


Anonymous said...

Gays make up 1% to 2% of the population. The world is on the verge of global war and fools like Barry are obsessed with gay marriage.

AMT said...

You'd like to think that if the Supreme Court ruled that it was up to the states to decide on gay marriage, the states would all catch up with civil rights and legalize gay marriage. But that isn't exactly true. Alabama still has school segregation on the books, and that's decades after the Supreme Court ruled in unconstitutional. A proposal to remove Alabama's school segregation from the state constitution failed in 2012 when 60% of Alabama voters cast a ballot in favor of keeping the segregation language. 60%! Some states will never catch up.,_Amendment_4_(2012)

Baylor Too said...

The war over gay marriage was over about 4 years ago, some members of the public just don't know it yet.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Stubing has built in life preservers. Safety first!

DF Bruceamae Jenner said...

Looks to me like you be loving all this gay crap. Figures.

Anonymous said...

8:48 - reminds me of that fool, Jesus, who told a parable about the 99 sheep under the shepherd's watch, and the shepherd's willingness to leave them to find the one lost in the wilderness. Yeah, just because "the gays" are a small percentage, we should not be concerned with them.

Anonymous said...

No comment today about the FBI seizure at the Morrison's? Looks like self-entitlement in Decatur has taken a new turn...couldn't have happened to a more deserving person...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Has any state ever voted to recognize same sex marriage? Or, has some liberal judge stepped in and tossed out the vote of the people and made the decision in place of the vote of the people.

Anonymous said...

The same argument about gay marriage being decided by the states is the same argument that should have been made about abortion. I still haven't found in the constitution where a woman has the right to an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Polygamy has to be included as an allowed thing. How can it not be, if our society is falling all over itself to protect the rights of bisexuals? By absolute definition, that's more than one partner. Or, is society only interested in celebrating casual, uncommitted sex with multiple partners? Seems crazy to be in favor of that, and then throw them in jail if they want to commit to each other.

Anonymous said...

The HIV virus will mutate and it will prove us homophobia people correct. The human rectum is for waste storage and not sex. It is filthy and naturally full of disease causing bacteria and virus. If rum rangers are ok then why do we need sewage treatment plants?

Anonymous said...

Can we just go ahead and split this country in half? That would not solve any problems but it would put all of them in one place. The liberal USA. Right where they all belong.

DF Uncle Samantha

Anonymous said...

No, BG, they're still fighting to make it illegal in each state. The states that have made it legal have largely been forced to, and even in those states voters came back with things like Prop 8 in California, which banned any same sex union, not just ones defined as a marriage. They are having to be forced to let it happen, and the definition of marriage is a distant, distant, argument in the alternative. They want the states to decide, period, because they would win in many states. Most states, in fact. But that's not because the population is primarily against it, it's because voter turnout is higher with conservatives and most Democrats don't care enough about the issue to make it to the polls in numbers large enough to beat an issue that Ted Cruz and Robert Jeffress have warned everyone will bring about the end of the world.


Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Re: Supreme Court - "...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

DF Tommy J

Anonymous said...

Barry, just like you, this court will undoubtedly be on the wrong side of history....

Katy Anders said...

@9:07: 2012 appears to have been the 49/51 ---> 51/49 moment. In that year, three states voted for same sex marriage and one voted down a constitutional amendment.

Katy Anders said...

@9:10: Where can I sign up to be a "rum ranger"?

Do the rangers have titles other than "Captain" (I know Morgan got that title)? I'd like to be peg-legged Commander Katy. With a parrot.

But only if the rum is flavored.

Anonymous said...

Skipper, I'd like to introduce you to my little buddy.

Anonymous said...

Well we let wimmin and niggers vote, so we might as well let the queers get married. Its all gone to hell in this country.

Anonymous said...

"...eventually every State will vote to recognize same sex marriage."

You mean kinda like the Constitutional amendment passed 52%-48% California in 2008 that eliminated gay marriage there?

Anonymous said...

Gay marriage subject...zzzzzzz

Triple Fake... said...

for some reason this comment did not go through yesterday, but here's the punchline to an old joke about Mexia, which is also applicable to Ree-oh/Rye-oh Vista -
Out-of-state visitor: "Excuse me, miss, but we're having a disagreement about how to pronounce the name of this place, and we want to get it right. Could you say it for us slowly and clearly, please?"
Local: "Sure, it's DARE-EE QUEEN!"
(note: if you try that line at the McDonald's in Mexia, the answer you get back is still Dairy Queen!)

If a concession worker did go up and down the aisles at the Orioles' game, why wouldn't he yell out something appropriate, like "Nu-u-uthin'...get yer big bag o' nuthin' here!"
Could you imagine Jim Knox in an empty stadium, unable to crown anybody as The Fan of the Game? It would just be him, sadly signing off: "Bad day, mate! Back to you Buzz, Tom."

Triple Fake Knoxsie

Anonymous said...

A marriage certificate nothing more than a contract that entitles someone to half of your sh!t. It has no meaning and has outlived its usefulness. Ask any divorced male.

Anonymous said...

9:03 - Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say with the parable.

Anonymous said...

oh boy,

i can't wait to get me some civil rights

you know I'm next in line right?

DF Pedo

Anonymous said...

9:42, the next time you"fall in Love" make sure your mate has more money than you and it is not legally out of reach of being joint property. You can fall in love with a rich one just as you can a poor one. And base your decision to risk your life savings on the divorce rate. And don't find your mate on a web site where women have learned that marriage is an easy way to make money.

Anonymous said...

I predict a 6-3 vote in favor of recognizing gay marriage. Kennedy will of course vote in favor, but I think Roberts is the lone conservative that is smart enough to not be on the wrong side of history and will vote to pass it as well. People have to remember, these guys are life terms, so they don't have to worry about reelection. Thomas, Scalia, and Alito have no effs to give and they will stick with their backwards beliefs.

Sam Brows said...

Same sex marriage has only been an issue for about a decade, when the folks without an agenda went to a P/R firm and paid for expert opinions on how to change the argument. With the cashing of a single check (ok, maybe there were several checks), the argument went from homosexual marriage, to same sex marriage and the talking points became fairness and dignity, instead of sexual freedom. And suddenly, judicial candidates faced with P/R driven public opinion polls were forced to go on the record about their opinions on the topic during campaigns (a practice in general most judicial cannons forbid). For, essentially two hundred year plus, same sex marriage was not legal in this country...anywhere. It wasn't even a topic of discussion. And now, suddenly, it goes from being an issue which the individual states can control to one which ought to be recognized as a constitutional guarantee. Oh, and if you'd care for your state to decide that on its own, without direction from the Federal Judiciary, that makes you a hater and a bigot. And great googly moogly, don't be a Christian and not support gay rights, because that shows how much of a hater Jesus was and how the Bible itself is arcane and out of touch with reality.

Well, most of the Christians I know didn't have anything to do with the drafting of the Bible, so I forgive them for not wanting to pick and choose which of the edicts and commandments they will follow and which ones they will elect to ignore because it is politically expedient to do so.

In my opinion, states rights and bigotry are two different issues altogether. Jesus would never have condoned hating any group of people. He didn't condone the woman that folks were wanting to stone for essentially being a slut. But he did encourage her to "sin no more" (John 8:11). Christians ought to be a bit better at loving others first, but the Federal Judiciary ought to be a little less hesitant to dictate to the states.

Upstairs said...

If you aren't paying better attention, you are going to miss it when the death toll in Nepal goes from 5,000 to 10,000. It is horrific.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I've read your blog for several years now. I would like you to answer a question. Have you completely given up on the U.S. and consider yourself to be only a spectator to the fall while eating popcorn and cheering the destroyers?

Anonymous said...

Is the RTG captain out of uniform? Shameful! She should be stripped of her rank! Oh wait, she already is. Never mind.

DF Captain Courageous

Anonymous said...

I think I'll have some vehicle door signs made that say "Official United Nations Invasion Coordinator & Weapon Collector" and drive around random places during the Jade Helm exercises. And wear a blue beret while I do it.

DF Sick Sense of Humor

Anonymous said...

Hey, if mentally challenged people can get married why not the sexually challenged folks as well?

Anonymous said...

There are same sex couples in this community who have had a monogamous relationship with their partner for over 20 years. That's many traditional marriages can boast that. You do not have to agree with it, just let them enjoy the same benefits. It's simple. Oh, and they are Christians. They pay taxes and work in the community and many are very respected. Get educated.

Anonymous said...

re: RTG - is that a porcupine bra?

gern blansten

Anonymous said...

Society is sick. Time for a reset.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tripple Fake perhaps it didn't go through because it's not funny.

Wurdkyle said...

It just sucks that we have to pull the conservatards kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Gay marriage is going to happen in every state. Deal with your latent homosexual tendencies and get over it.

Humans are contributing to Global Warminga and we're going to do something about it, so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with our State Guard watching over these federal military exercises. Won't hurt one thing, unless someone is up to no good. TX isn't going to stand for Obama's BS.

Anonymous said...

The rectum is actually cleaner then the mouth. And yours is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

9:03, I'd like to hear more of that story like what is the relationship between Marsha Gage and the Morrisons that would allow them to divert hundreds of thousands of her money into their account.
Why would they have any access at all to any of her personal money accounts?
Anyone have more of the scoop on this?
If they were stealing her money, then I hope they go to jail for a very long time. Marsha is a good person.

Anonymous said...

you can't believe anything the messenger prints so give us the real scoop

Anonymous said...

Best week of RTG's so far, finish strong!

Triple Fake... said...

anon @ 10:59 said:
perhaps it didn't go through because it's not funny.

If that were the case, most of the attempts at humor wouldn't get through, including today's. And I didn't say it was funny (but it is, I don't care who you are!), I only said it was applicable to the Rio Vista issue from yesterday

Tripple Fake Larry the Cable Guy

Anonymous said...

Honcho, I truly do like your approach to the Constitution.

Now, between that, and people being OK with Obamacare because our more perfect union was established to, among other things, provide for the general welfare, I believe we'd have a right nice place to live.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but try it in Refugio, and you'll get "le Raina de lecheria".


Anonymous said...

10:45, gays cannot be Christians. They make the decision to disobey the laws of God so they are not Christian. The Law of God makes that perfectly clear. They can repent and "go and sin no more" and be forgiven and accepted back into the flock. In the meantime they are not Christians.

Bear said...

We've tried this before. The Civil War was fought to decide which was stronger, the states or the Feds. Feds won so they can push the states around all they want and will eventually win.

Of the 36 states that allow some sort of union between homosexuals, 11 voted to agree and 25 were forced by a liberal judge. Even when the people said differently.

Who is actually in charge? The people or the government?

Pretty obvious who we all work for (belong to).

How dare the Texans say they have a right to know what is going on in their state? It is none of their business what the feds do in their state, so shut up.

(Sarcastic font in use here)

Anonymous said...

10:45 I have a 20 year relationship with my house, but that doesn't mean I need to marry it. Or maybe I should whine that my rights are being violated because I can't.
Civil unions gave them all the benefits, but nooooo, not good enough.
They may be Christians, but not good Christians if they are actively living a gay lifestyle. Active gays fall in the same immoral category as adulterers and fornicators. The gay agenda can continue to push to get their lifestyle more and more acceptable in society, but if they remain unrepentant (which means to stop the behavior etc.), it will not be pretty come judgment time.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why Atheist and agnostics ridicule people who have faith, but have complete faith in our federal government.

Katy Anders said...

12:44: What state are you in where there are civil unions?

Certainly not Texas, where even "marriage-like" arrangements are specifically barred by law.

Anonymous said...

11:57 & 12:44 -

Gays may not be Christians under your theology, but that ignores other branches of theology that hold otherwise. There are multiple Christian denominations that teach that homosexuality is not a sin and, thus, gay marriages are welcomed as well.

If you're interested in those theological justifications, just Google them - it's far too complex to discuss here. And anyway, it's all just man trying to figure out God, so it's all to be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, if either of you think you hold the truth on what the Bible says/means with 100% certainty, then all of my words here are for naught anyway.

Ultimately, neither you nor I are the arbiter of whether it's sin or not - that's reserved to God. In the meantime, we're to love God with all our heart/mind/soul/strength and love our neighbors as ourselves. Per Jesus, all the law hangs on these two commands.

Anonymous said...


Looks like the left and the naive ones on the right failed to acknowledge the truth again.

Anonymous said...

I know gay people who are 100% better people than self professed it, don't talk it. I guarantee you that gay people will meet Saint Peter at the gate as fast as anyone else if they have done "good"........amazing how some of you are so brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

1:50 Yes, your words are for naught, because the Bible (Old and New Testament) teaches clearly that homosexuality is sin and not only that but God in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament gave us the profound definition of marriage, which is between a man and a woman.


Anonymous said...


You trust the information on


Anonymous said...


Bruce Jenner has decided to donate his testicles to Obama.

Anonymous said...

12:44 -

Seldom are answers that easy, nor are things so black and white. But I'll agree to disagree. I won't change your mind, and you won't change mine.

Regardless of our feeling about the morality of homosexuality, what are the harms in the secular recognition of homosexual marriage?

Anonymous said...

They make the decision to disobey the laws of God so they are not Christian.

You ever eat shellfish? Food that's not kosher?

All sins are the same, buddy.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. At 2:53 PM, on this date, I agreed with Rage.

There's your 7th Seal finally opening, people. Not that gay folk can have the same right to bicker with their spouses as the rest of us straight folk.

And this anti-gay thing-- it's about sex, right? That homophobes are afraid that gay people will be having all the gay sex with their spouses, right?

News flash: wedding cake is the ANTI-aphrodisiac. If teh ghey is monogamous, then he's having sex with only one person. If he's married and monogamous, then he's having sex with only one person, and a LOT less than before.

Hate gay sex? Then you should LOVE gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

I've been around many Gays in my life and they are some of the most unfaithful people on Earth so let'em marry and enjoy the ravages of divorce like the rest of us do on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

All these anti-gay, anti-abortion thumpers need to rethink a bit.

I mean, who has fewer abortions than gay people?

Anonymous said...

Barry, you and your friends are really sick.

Anonymous said...

Two minutes ago, on CNN, a reporter said that "thugs" should not be used to describe those LOOTING AND BURNING Baltimore because it is a disrespectful and racial word that is not a fair representation of those citizens. The Mayor of Baltimore is apologizing to the rioters for calling them thugs and offending them. You can't make this up. We are toast. It won't be long, I think, before a half-assed army of Nazi types rolls up in a couple of vans into one of these mobs and jumps out with guns blazing.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God.

It should have absolutely nothing to do with the government.

Why do you folks argue about this? Why do you give the government any say in a personal matter?

Anyone that wishes to marry should just do it. If you need the feds or a state to bless your union, it is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Obammy refused Jenner's testicles. He said he already had a pair named Valerie Jarrett.

Anonymous said...


Because you have to have a license purchased from the government. Because health insurance companies do not recognize you as married. Because the IRS will now allow you to file a return as married filing jointly. Because many more, all government related.


Anonymous said...

For 9;03
That is a common problem with someone that don't a clue about where or how much they're worth. Trust a long time friend with it ,nug huh. How can anyone be so stupid ! Coke is spinning in his grave.

Denney Crane said...

And do you think they were influenced yesterday by the protestor in open court who screamed, “The Bible teaches that if you support gay marriage you will burn in hell for eternity”?)

At least they were warned, in public and in person. They will have eternity to ponder their decision.

Jesus didn't suggest or ask Mary go and sin no more, He told (commanded) her. He also said to cut out your eye or cut off your hand if it caused you to sin.

This is not personal, it's just that Jesus said it and I believe him...

Everyone is given free will to have their own opinion, just because we may disagree doesn't mean I'm a hater or homophobe. We may tolerate the behavior, but we are called to be separate and stand up for our beliefs.

Last time I checked, Christians weren't beheading and executing sinners and infidels. Yet they're being condemned, attacked and persecuted all over the world just for their beliefs. LGBT are just one of several groups who seem to hate fundamental Christians.

Anonymous said...


"Because you have to have a license purchased from the government."

Why? Why do you give a freaking government that control over your life? Why do you need government blessing for a personal relationship? That is crazy.

"Because health insurance companies do not recognize you as married."

Who cares? What possible difference could that make?

"Because the IRS will now allow you to file a return as married filing jointly. Because many more, all government related."

So it sounds like this is not really about marrying the one you love, but it is rather about money. Got it.

Any and all laws, rules, whatever, concerning the government and marriage could be deleted in an afternoon.

After that, only the couples that truly value marriage for what it is, would get married.

Anonymous said...

4:50 it looks like the dead thug who caused all this may have caused his own death. He banged himself up against the van walls knowing he had previous spinal injuries from a car accident.

His supporters are an embarrassment to reality.


Anonymous said...

2:29 You want to say that again?

LOL the truth too hard for ya?

Anonymous said...

9:55 & 11:20,

No parable attempt, more sarcasm. :)

Morrison is a pill and threw her attitude and weight around town like she was more than a glorified bean counter...meanwhile, she was bilking Marsha out of tens of thousands of dollars while acting all high and mighty. Marsha is a good and trusting person....Morrison is a snake.
Her greed and self-entitlement took her down and she should rot in prison.

Anonymous said...

@8:39 Yes maybe she was wrong with not knowing how much she had and should have kept closer tabs. But she is not the issue, only the victim. She trusted someone that has been her best friend since childhood and got taken advantage of. You are making her the bad guy here. Put the blame where it should be on the people that scammed her, and were living way above their means and passing it off like they did it all on their own. She and anyone else that was taking advantage of the money that they were stealing should serve prison time to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

ummmm...8:53, to whom are you speaking?

If you meant 8:30 - I was pretty specific:

1. Morrison is a snake and took advantage of Gage

2. Marsha Gage is a good and trusting person

3. I never said Gage was wrong or the issue or the bad guy

4. Blame should rest squarely on the shoulders of the embezzler. (the investigation should prove who is in the wrong)

5. Your references aren't specific enough to say who you are actually defending

6. If you weren't referring to the 8:30 post, then these are not the droids you're looking for...

Anonymous said...


"Why? Why do you give a freaking government that control over your life? Why do you need government blessing for a personal relationship? That is crazy."

Because that is the law.

"Who cares? What possible difference could that make?"

Because instead of paying for a family plan, you have to pay for two individual plans.

And a side can't possibly be so stupid to think the government and businesses don't base their revenues off of marital status.

Anonymous said...


"Because that is the law.<

What law requires you to allow the government into your marriage? I am not familiar with any that require you buy a license, or do anything else, concerning the government. Seems to me you can buy a house, live together, have children, grow old and die together, without the state saying a word.

And in fact, the state adds nothing to any relationship. You can have the exact same relationship, and life, without the input of the state.

"Because instead of paying for a family plan, you have to pay for two individual plans."

The private sector, including the insurance industry, can and will evolve with whatever law is introduced, or abolished.

"And a side can't possibly be so stupid to think the government and businesses don't base their revenues off of marital status."

I have no idea to what you refer. Business will evolve easily. No idea why the government should make any revenue off of marriage.

But your question goes back to the premise that this all seems to based on money, rather than marrying a loved one. That is a shame.

Anonymous said...


I believe 8:53 was answering to this 8:39s post ( a few posts up from yours) that said:

"For 9;03
That is a common problem with someone that don't a clue about where or how much they're worth. Trust a long time friend with it ,nug huh. How can anyone be so stupid ! Coke is spinning in his grave."

Anonymous said...

Ach-ha! lol

I assumed AM, not PM....and validated the axiom about assumptions!

TY 8:09PM