Crazy Guy Trashes Restaurant's Kitchen. Has No Respect For Taser.

Language warning.

I'll tell you one thing, if I'm one of the kitchen workers I'm getting the heck out of there. I'm certainly not just standing around and letting him walk within inches of me as he experiences, uh, anger issues. Did he pick up a knife at one point? Sheesh.

The Taser part may be my favorite. He kind of treated it like a small annoyance.  At that point I thought he might be an angry zombie high on PCP. (Note to self: Remember that for movie script. #GonnaGetRich.)

And then we end it by bringing it back to current events: A review of the cops method of arresting someone. I'll be dang. Didn't have to shoot him. Didn't have to beat him senseless. Didn't have to do a fatal chokehold. Didn't have to break his neck. See, we can all get along.