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I'm Sure There's a Back Story

If a guy was stealing third, we have the perfect crime.


Anonymous said...

Was that an Orioles game? Nah. The stadium hasn't been looted or vandalized yet.

DF Cal Ripken III

SpanishWarDonkey said...

Pretty sure it's a dead ball here. The batter has every right to be in the batter's box times. Had he moved forward or backward when the catcher was going to throw, and in the process impeded the catcher, then the runner would have been out. The anus here is on the catcher to get around the batter.

DF washed up LL ump

Anonymous said...

Hey - Spanish War Donkey

Not sure if you were attempting a pun or not, but the correct term is "onus", not "anus"

DF washed up grammar police

Anonymous said...

9:57 THE ANUS!!!???

Anonymous said...

11:33, the anus comes from the same radio station that started the "double fake" (DF) thing that you used.

The ANUS?!?!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, don't be so onal retentive.