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Look Out! Things Just Got Ramped Up!

But I'll admit the following seems a bit weird . . .

Edit: The initial reaction from the Far Right is that there's an out of control prosecutor who cares more about making a statement and winning than seeking justice. Perhaps. But perhaps we are entering an era where prosecutors are finally going to treat the police just like they treat your average man on the street. And sometimes that's not pretty.   Heck, regular people get indicted these days for car wrecks when there was no intent to harm and no evidence of alcohol or drugs being involved.* But this breaking news just feels different, right?

What's the phrase? "Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun, huh?"
*I got two quick comments disputing this. I can name three car wrecks in Wise County off the top of my head that resulted in death where all of the drivers were indicted. Two were indicted last October for Manslaughter (driving recklessly) and there was no charge of Intoxication Manslaughter (where the allegation would be that drugs or alcohol caused impairment which led to the fatality.). The other was a Criminally Negligent Homicide case which led to a jury trial and emotional photos. (In that case there was a blood alcohol concentration of .03 but even the prosecutors didn't believe that would have any impact on the defendant's abilities and didn't charge him with Intoxication Manslaughter.)